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Going Green: Strategies for Greenwich University - Essay Example

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Going Green: Strategies for Greenwich University Executive Summary Environmental sustainability has become a matter of significant consideration for institutions and organisations today. Universities and colleges tend to become Earth-friendly, green institutes by reducing the garbage and pollution they create while also bringing down the amount of energy they consume…
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Going Green: Strategies for Greenwich University
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"Going Green: Strategies for Greenwich University"

Download file to see previous pages Universities and campuses have moved into environmental action as a matter of their environmental responsibility and as accountability towards their students. This report in particular brings out the importance of Environmental Sustainability Policy which would help the Greenwich University to become a leading innovator in its practice towards a sustainable environment. The green strategies included in the report would help the Greenwich to comply with all relevant environmental legislations, policies, and standards set at local, national, and international levels. This report will also address the importance and need for an ecologically friendly environment in the Greenwich University Campus, and will explore the various green strategies and practices currently used in education. This paper also includes as set of Green Strategies that suits the University best to enable students studying at Greenwich to go green. This study, for external references, has relied on data collected from secondary sources (internet, articles, and books). The research looks deeper into the issues associated with implementing green strategies at the University, and finally, it points out solutions to overcome those problems. Introduction Going green is a highlighted concept for Academia, businessmen, and customers to understand and practice different ways to make environment friendly choices. Going green is a movement that undertakes strategies to protect the environment and learn how daily choices affect the planet (Greenwich University). For example, as Frey (2006) pointed out, the Seattle University has decided to make use of the pineapple heads, watermelon rinds, and lettuce leaves to fertilize the flowers rather than passing it into the garbage. In the same way, the students and faculty at the Pacific Lutheran University conduct their math classes in a building that does not have any carbon footprint (ibid). Moreover, most evidently, the staff members at the University of Washington have moved to use hybrid cars and decided to convert the rest of the vehicles into biodiesel –run (ibid). Greenwich has implemented several sustainability measures like recycling process, which is now in need of being expanded. The first step is to set and communicate meaningful environmental objectives and targets for all aspects of the university to sustain the process of reducing usage of natural resources and to anticipate, minimize, and avoid adverse environmental impacts. Therefore, the University should incorporate the green strategies by maintaining sustainability principles, awareness and understanding into its research, consultancy, teaching and other community programmes. This should be followed by combining the Principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) into its all academic, institutional activities. Green Strategies Green strategy is a modern environmental concept which was developed to complement traditional ecological policies. A green strategy greatly assists an organisation to effectively deal with decision making process, to thoughtfully structure its operations, and to achieve sustainable performance; hence, a green strategy has a positive impact on the environment. According to an explanation, “a green strategy also helps the organisation define its role in environmental stewardship, communicate its role to the world, and determine how aggressively ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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