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Support of President Obama's Jobs Bill - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Support of President Obama's Jobs Bill President Obama suffered a severe blow on his $447 billion jobs bill, when the Senate impeded any considerations on the same, obliging the White House, as well as Congressional Democrats to move quickly in order to protect sections of the plan, the focus of President Obama’s drive to resuscitate a lifeless economy (Kent 45)…
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Support of President Obamas Jobs Bill
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Download file to see previous pages While touring the nation in the recent weeks, President Obama had repeatedly demanded that Congress passing the bill intact; thus, the Senate’s vote to impede the measure signified a serious setback and occurred after leaders of his own party had modified the measure to comprise surtax on revenue of not less than $1 million to summarize additional Democratic votes. Following this setback, the president condemned the Republicans fro shying away from a measure, which entailed ideas they had previously supported (DeMint 65). In a statement before the vote, the president told the Senate that the vote did not signify the end of this fight since days were coming when members of Congress will be required to take a stand about the bill after carefully analyzing the benefits it brings especially to those who are poorly paid like teachers, policemen and firefighters (DeMint 46). According to Senate Democratic aides, votes on parts of the bill could start this month, or even as early as next week; with party leaders saying that they required to consult their conclave before deciding on the timing or choosing the conditions to be reflected on separately (DeMint 38). There were a number of Democratic senators who asserted they might connect with a few Republicans in looking for job-creation proposals, which might achieve bipartisan support; this is an alarming contest in a chamber whereby comity appears to worsen weekly. On the other hand, House Republican leaders have asserted that they have no intentions of taking the president’s bill in its entirety; rather, they accept the sign from the White House, which indicates that the administration might be ready for a piecemeal effort (Kent). Eric Cantor, who is the House majority leader, as well as the Republican of Virginia, alleged that he was hoping that the president would dismiss his all-or-nothing methodology and start working with the Congress on issues of commonality, comprising of initiatives, which could uphold hiring along with economic growth. Mr. Cantor added, “We are willing to take up the things we can agree on.” This job’s bill is a combination of public works expending, as well as temporary tax cuts, whose intention are to counter what Mr. Obama refers to as an economic disaster and an emergency. Senate Democrats attempted to make the president’s bill more acceptable by attaching a surtax of 5.6 percent, beginning in 2013, on revenue in surplus of $1 million. As the Senate headed for the vote, Mr. Reid was overheard making allegations that Republicans were in opposition of the president’s jobs bill due to political reasons since they desired for the economy to continue being in poor shape. Mr. Reid claimed that Republicans thought that if the economy gets better, then this might assist President Obama, and that is why they campaign for the economy to fail by opposing every effort of improving it (DeMint 30). Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who is the Senate Republican leader, replied in saying that Democrats had prepared this bill for failure, hoping that anyone voting against it will be perceived as a bad person; and that the exercise in its entirety is only a charade, which is meant to offer Democrats with a political edge in the forthcoming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Support of President Obama'S Jobs Bill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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