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An Exceptional Leader Lee Cockerell - Case Study Example

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This paper focuses on an exceptional leader Lee Cockerell was formerly the executive vice president of operations of Walt Disney World Resort between 1994 and 2006. From his humble beginnings, he was able to make it to the top through training and constant struggle…
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An Exceptional Leader Lee Cockerell
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Download file to see previous pages Disney World was opened in 1971 inspired by the dreams of Walt Disney who wanted a theme park on the east coast that could supplement the Disney land in California (WDW, 2011). Lee Cockerell founded the Lee Cockrell LLC company. The company is a leadership, management and consulting company that specializes in leadership and management training with an emphasis on how to create world-class customer services through exceptional leadership. The company works on the principle that there are many products and services in the market which are very similar; it is only through the interaction between the employees and the customers that make the difference and gives the organization the competitive advantage (Horn, 2011). He speaks at various conferences, training people in a very simple down-to-earth style that relates to everyone listening to him. Lee has long experience in the hospitality industry and has worked with very many companies all over the world including the Hilton Hotels Corporation, Marriot Hotels, and Resort before finishing off at the famous Walt Disney Company (Horn, 2011). It is after retiring that he formed his own company in order to share what he has learned all the years in the world’s biggest companies. ...
Banks cannot lend them money because they do not have the experience to run the company and secondly is that they do not have security with which the banks can take in case they fail to repay the loaned money (Awogbenle & Iwuamadi, 2010). This becomes a big challenge and many people often fail to start businesses because of this problem. Cockrell was also faced with the same problem and this is well explained because of his poor background. He was just a farm boy and he did not have enough money that could help him start any business. Though he tried to seek for ways he did not get any far because of the same reasons explained above (Cockrell, 2008). Many people and companies face the same problem at the start but once they are running they are able to secure funding from other sources such as banks and other financial institutions that help them in the running of the business. The second problem that faced Lee was the lack of managerial skills. Just like other entrepreneurs, many of them begin with very little knowledge of how to run a business. They lack the essential management skills that are very important in ensuring that people and other resources are managed effectively so as to produce outcomes (Crispen Chipunza, 2011). The result is usually disastrous with many of the businesses closing down because of poor management. Many examples exist in the world today of such business and there are also many examples of people who have failed because of lack of managerial and leadership skills. Lee saw this and decided to pursue a degree in management so that he could understand better how to run a business effectively. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lee Cockerell Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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