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Planning in SWA Group - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Planning in SWA Group The SWA Group organization has its headquarters in the United States, and it is responsible for the designing and planning of urban areas (SWA Group, 2011). Planning in this and in other organizations involves the process of selecting missions, goals and purposes along with the strategies used to attain them…
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Planning in SWA Group
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Download file to see previous pages This has resulted in the organization’s services been leased. The planning model that the organization intends to use is the rational model of planning (Mullins, 2010). This involves identifying the problems they are encountering, formation and evaluation of their criteria’s of planning along with the creation and implementation of alternative solutions (Murphy and Willmott, 2010). This model is mainly used in the planning of towns and their systems of transport and this paper will elaborate how SWA group manages planning. The organization will start by confirming, describing and laying out the details of the problem being encountered. This will involve first identifying the problems at hand and then defining a possible solution to begin making changes. The solution is then analyzed for the purpose of checking whether it adequately solves the problems at hand. This involves the management’s ability to come up with more creative designs, schemes and breakthroughs. This model facilitates the decision making process to become a group process since ideas will have to be shared. The organization’s competitors such as Brennerplan and the Taylor Siefker Williams group of design have experienced success in their activities due to the influences of their group decision making processes (Morgan, 2006). The decisions that result from group decisions are normally well thought of with their repercussions being evaluated. Many, diverse opinions are also offered with the best alternatives being selected to efficiently solve the issues in question. After the identification and analysis of the problems being experienced, the organization embarks on the generation of different solutions to the problem (Mullins, 2010). This will involve the suggestion and selection of up to three solutions to solve the problem along with their implementation to the problem’s site. This will involve their efforts in revitalizing the slums and developing planned units in the towns. Such activities will be carried out in groups for the purpose of achieving the different solutions to these problems. The emergence of alternative solutions for the organization enables the management to apply rationality in selecting the best possible solutions. The organization collects information using their available technology for the purpose of discovering alternatives to their problems. These alternatives will undergo evaluations to determine their levels of success or failure before being implemented. The analysis will provide final solutions to their problems. It will include activities such as carrying out an examination of the sites in question to determine their sensitivity and appropriateness. This assists in evaluating the consequences of the solutions they have chosen to implement. The organization will also consider the various options they have of evaluating their different solutions. This will be done before the implementation of final solutions to the sites. The organization’s competitors use different models that the management will also have to evaluate. This will be done to determine their efficiency in solving the problems before discarding them. Once the best decision has been selected, their application to the problems site will then be implemented. The above steps form the heart of the decision making ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Planning in SWA Group Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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