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Communication Strategy in Business - Essay Example

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7 December 2011. Communication strategy in business Q. 1 Answer: Weissman is right in saying that a presenter who narrates stories deserves the audiences’ confidence. By this, Weissman means that to win others’ confidence, it is important that the presenter himself/herself be confident…
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Communication Strategy in Business
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Download file to see previous pages All the audience wants to know is if or not the presenter has done sufficient homework to have them listen to him/her. Having said that, when a presenter is able to narrate a story, it not only involves the audiences more into the presentation, but also gives them the impression that the presenter knows what he/she is saying. The non-story like presentation makes the audiences feel drawn out, in reaction to which, they are reluctant to approve of the presentation. It is linked to business presentations because these presentations provide the audiences with a lot of room for questions. An effective business story is the one which has a certain start, discussion of interim events and a defined conclusion. Since it is a business story, so it has to explain the nature of business, the risks and opportunities encountered, the way they were managed, how the resources were arranged, what was the scope of work, the organization structure and the organizational culture and the profits made as well as the losses incurred. Being “in command” means that the presenter leads the presentation rather than the audiences taking the lead. It also means that the presenter knows and is experienced in the business. Q. 2 Answer: Weissman is right in his consideration of the story as of more value than the graphics. The audiences know that they are there just to raise the questions. Being in a position to challenge the arguments of the presenter, they fully exploit the presenter if he/she bores them with flashing slides, that don’t really make any detectable connection with one another. What they want is a detailed explanation of the challenges encountered by the presenter and the way he/she dealt with them. The audiences are smart enough to know that many presenters attempt to get away with the scintillating and gaudy effects while the content is really very shallow and just insufficient. By narrating the story, the presenter takes the form of a lecturer and the audiences become students. Naturally, a sense of respect for the presenter starts to cultivate in the audiences’ heart. I disagree with Weissman’s view that the effects of the slides are just to support the presenter and not the audiences. The various sizes of fonts and the background effects and the color combinations are fundamentally there to satiate the vision of the audiences. The audiences need the text to be clearly visible in the background, so that they may be able to read the content of the slide. Also, the audiences are very critical about each and every word of the content. The moment they feel that the presenter is trying to play with the words, they start arguing. A presenter who is able to narrate the story should display minimal content in the slides, should keep the charts and drawings very simple and the colors light. It doesn’t really matter if the slides have a low profile because it is fundamentally the presenter who is in charge. Q. 3 Answer: Although I agree that a presenter must always prepare properly, yet I do not agree that he must never apologize. There is no point for an individual not to be apologetic at any point in something as exposed to the public criticism as a presentation. If a presenter tends to defend his/her point when he/she is not really supposed to, it has a very negative impact on his/her impression in the audiences’ eyes. He/she is perceived to be stubborn and rude rather than understanding and kind. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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