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Utilizing Export Management Companies - Essay Example

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Business Utilizing Export Management Companies Abstract Globalization has made export business a primary growth and sustainability strategy for many companies, both big and small. However, every entrepreneurial undertaking relies solely on the quality and completeness of information relating to the success of such a venture…
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Utilizing Export Management Companies
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"Utilizing Export Management Companies"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of this paper is to analyze five sources of information for new exporters, and explain the definition of some international trade terms as on the globalEDGE website. Exercise 1: Sources of Information for Exporters 1., is by far the most diverse information source for both new and established exporters. The site has information on how exporters can obtain market research information for a product or industry of interest. The vast information source also helps exporters with the networking and promotion of their products. International trade fairs are incredible ways through which exporters can promote their products. provides information on international trade events to help exporters popularize their products in targeted foreign markets. In its relentless effort to be a choice destination for seekers of incredible export information, has prepared export readiness questionnaires for new exporters. In addition, the export information source also provides information on the protection of intellectual property rights in international territories. In pursuit of this highly sensitive aspect of globalised trade climates, provides information on issues such as antipiracy campaigns, process of obtaining international patents, trademarks or copyright, and ways in which exporters can file intellectual property right cases. 2. Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), Before an exporter can venture in export activities, it is vitally important to obtain the necessary legal documentation. Before taking steps to obtain licenses and permits relating to the export of a good to a particular country or territory, it is imperative to confirm which government entity is charged with the role of issuing the relevant documentations. Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) fills this vital role. The licensing of many export commodities falls under the DDTC. The DDTC website also provides information on export policies, regulations and embargoes applicable to the country of export. 3. Statistical Yearbook, Market information on product market and economic state of the target market is of vital importance in the export business of any kind. The Statistical Yearbook is a rich information source which is a brainchild of the United Nations (UN). The site has valuable information on a staggering 550 commodities from over 200 countries and territories. The information is mainly about on the economic and social aspects on the countries and territories listed. 4. Deloitte International Tax Source(DITS), The tax implications associated to a particular line of trade in a certain country can determine the viability of the export business venture. Deloitte is one of the top international consultancy and accounting firms in the world. As such, the firm has wealth of information on the tax practices in many countries and territories around the globe. The DITS website offers a wealth of information on international tax rates and policies, and provides regular updates on any changes in tax laws. The expansive information source provides information on over 60 countries in the world. The extensive tax information could be of immense importance to many would be and existing exporters. 5. Commercial News USA (CNUSA), This is one of the best ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Utilizing Export Management Companies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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