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Old Smoke Business - Essay Example

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Running Head: OLD SMOKE Old smoke Course Tutor Old smoke Explain how you would handle this situation if you were Charles Renford. This situation presented Charles Renford with a dilemma. When he was expecting the report to be compiled as fast as possible because it was late, he discovered that Darlene could not do it because of the smell in the files room…
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Old Smoke Business Essay
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"Old Smoke Business"

Download file to see previous pages The solution to this problem at that moment lied in the decision of the supervisor Mr. Renford, Stortz (2007). Personally if I was in the shoes of Mr. Renford I could have decided to use either Frank or Alice to accomplish the task at hand. However before coming to any of these two I would try the other person that Darlene works with in the personnel department office. Probably this would be the one suited to take the position of Darlene for this particular assignment since they work together and he/she could handle her assignments. This would work if this person does not mind the cigarette smoke since she is anon smoker. Since this person is not under the weather like Darlene I would then bank on her/him to do the report. If this person is not able then Darlene would have to coach Alice and Frank so that either of them does the report for her in the files office Stortz (2007). Darlene would however be expected to resume working in the main files office when she gets better because in her normal health she has no problem with old cigarette smoke, odors or other smells. Describe the policy on smoking that you would recommend to Redwood Associates. For the case of Redwood Associates, I would definitely recommend the state work place smoking law. The law on smoking at the place of work is against people smoking at their work places. The reason for this is that smokers expose the non smokers to health risks resulting for tobacco smoke. Work place is defined in the law as an enclosed space in which employees do their services. This is not inclusive of any residential portion. The law does not allow smoking in all work place areas. Employers have to post the 100% smoke free poster. An employee has a right to file a complaint with the Health department incase his/her rights are violated. The health department can then notify the employer through writing about the violation and also remind them of the prohibition of smoking indoors. A $100 penalty can be imposed if the law is not adhered to. An employer is prohibited by law from retaliating to employees who assist by enforcing or supervising the requirements of workplace smoking. Incase an employee knows that his/her employer has taken action against her because of this they are allowed to file a complaint with the department of health in 30 days of the violation. The commissioner inspects this complaint and if he/she finds that there was retaliation then a court action must be brought against the employer. The court can then determine relief appropriately including back pay and reinstatement, Stortz (2007). Explain how this case would change if what bothers Darlene is not old smoke but the smell of Alice’s perfume or Frank’s body odor. As Mr. Renford puts it the law is silent on smells that people don’t like and which cannot harm them. The law is only concerned with cigarette smoke in confined places. The smell of Alice’s perfume or the body odor of Frank do not cause ay health problem and therefore are not covered by the law. The company, represented by Mr. Renford would require Darlene to work in the main files room even if she dislikes it. She would be expected to endure the conditions there or quit employment if she finds it hard. Failure to attend to her duties would make her face the sack or have some disciplinary measures carried out against her Darlene, Stortz (2007).However the company could decide the case ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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