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Examining Representation Of Suburbs And Model Dwelling - Essay Example

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In the article "The study of the representation of suburbs and living quarters" describes ancient artists represented different functions in different ways. Tools for displaying and presenting ideas and thoughts are drawings, photographs, and pictures…
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Examining Representation Of Suburbs And Model Dwelling
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Extract of sample "Examining Representation Of Suburbs And Model Dwelling"

Download file to see previous pages The house is well fenced with a stone field. The painting shows that Pissarro had visited Bedford Park during the summer in 1987. First, mansion displayed on the other side of Lucien’s house is a modern building with special features. For instance, the entire building is made up of three buildings that are joined together. This design reveals that there is technological development in structural designs of model dwellings or mansions. Secondly, mansions or model dwellings in London are well connected by good transport systems like roads. Pissarro's painting "Bed road" displays the presence of a well-developed road passing between model dwellings. The colorful painting of the mansions in the "Bed road" displays the high quality of the building and the wise selection of colors by ancient house designers. In comparison to the recent picture of the Bed road, Bedford Park in 1995, there are similarities in the house design and the colorful painting on the walls. These similarities depict that Pissarro's ideas on his work would come true in the future. In conclusion, the two paintings discussed above reveal that the 19th century and 20th-century artists had unique skills and capabilities of representing different structures in different places using oil paintings. In his two paintings, Camille Pissarro was able to display the ancient structures developed using high technology. Structures like model dwelling in were characterized by colorful paintings and good transport system as displayed by Pissarro's paintwork. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Examining Representation Of Suburbs And Model Dwelling Essay)
Examining Representation Of Suburbs And Model Dwelling Essay.
“Examining Representation Of Suburbs And Model Dwelling Essay”, n.d.
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