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Business, Government, and Society - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Instructor: Institution: Business, Government and Society Clean technology business idea The concept of clean technology, which involves the use of new technological developments to aide in the creation of services and products that seek to optimize the use of the prevailing natural resources and thereby add significant economic value to the users, has been a predominant focus of the contemporary highly technology-based industries (Burtis, Esptein and Parker 7)…
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Business, Government, and Society
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"Business, Government, and Society"

Download file to see previous pages This paper seeks to describe the recently launched use of enzymatic cleantech-based approach and how the technological platform will help reduce the impact of activities that humankind carry out on the environment. Recently, a biotech company, Richcore Lifesciences released an enzymatic platform that aims to facilitate the use of clean technology in the pharmaceutical industry (Vijay 1). Commonly referred to as Ecosol, the new technological development will work to significantly reduce pollution that has been continuously associated with the effluents from pharmaceutical producing industrial units. Pharmaceutical companies normally incur significant costs in ensuring that they treat their water with trestle. In this regard, the new technology, Ecosol will save these companies over 25 percent of costs incurred in treating water using the trestle. Further, since the new technology is consumable it can easily be slotted in the process of treating waste water carried in any of the given pharmaceutical industries (Vijay 1). However, the management of these pharmaceuticals must ensure that the waste water does not contain heavy metals and fluorides since these will inhibit and/or stop enzymatic reactions (Vijay 1). The Ecosol is primarily intended for the use in the pharmaceutical industry all over the world. However, it is important to note that the companies seeking to utilize the product should deploy the necessary technologically supporting equipments and channels if only they want to achieve the needful high enzymatic reactions in their production units. This will enable the company to achieve an efficient process that significantly cost effective and highly reduces the impact of human kind on the natural environment (Burtis, Esptein and Parker 37). Additionally, the companies must invest in a Greenfield manufacturing facility that is compliant to the necessary enzymatic reactions expected in the pharmaceutical producing units. This will enable the company produce enzymes with significantly high value but which do not consume greater volumes. Such enzymes could also be used in manufacturing bio pharmaceuticals and the related processes involving bio transformation (Vijay 1). This new technological solution seeks to adapt several compliant features that will facilitate its application on the global market place. Such compliant issues include attaining significant patents in the related areas such as those relating to the management of waste water, design of manufacturing processes and the energy production and improvement of ethanol use in providing energy and stimulating pharmaceutical reactions as has been the case in many pharmaceutical industries for several ages now. In this regard, the clean technology product will be useful all across the globe but with focus on the pharmaceutical industry. This endeavor mainly seeks to nourish the players in the pharmaceutical industry with sufficient and efficient platform to save costs, reduce pollution since it does not require additional heavy capital expenditure and does not work to cannibalize prevailing technologies (Burtis, Esptein and Parker 53). Therefore, it practically fits in the category of clean technology products and services. Social entrepreneurial venture Business creations with social orientations have been part of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business, Government, and Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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