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The Changing Role of HRM in the NHS - Dissertation Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: HRM in NHS Human Resource Management (HRM) is a line in an organization that deals with acquiring, managing, and giving directives to the employees in their various functions within an organization. National Health Service (NHS), conversely, is an authority that is responsible for the wellness of the people of a certain specified country; for instance, the UK NHS…
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The Changing Role of HRM in the NHS
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Download file to see previous pages Since the inception of these new changes, the HRM practices have played some significant part in the national health services. There has been a remarkable change in HRM, which has reduced the challenges faced when the HRM is discharging their services to the citizens. One of the changes realized is transparency between the servants of HRM and the other government bodies. This has been realized through enhanced talks and auditing. The Officials of the HRM are also accountable to other higher government agencies as they act as a link between workforces and the managerial teams. There is also a public interview whenever new officials are recruited; this helps to bring about equality in employment (Goyal 229). Whenever there is a complaint against the practices of HRM, it has to undergo procedural steps for proper scrutinizing. This has helped to do away with propaganda and it enables proper representation of each party that is involved. There is also installation of safety measures to guard the wellbeing of both the staff and the citizens. This contributes to high motivation among the staff because they feel secure while undertaking the activities of discharging their services to the people (Goyal 237). They are also entitled to a compensation, which enable them get some benefits. For instance, better policies are formalized, such as statutory benefits and insurance schemes. The HRM, aiming at achieving a better healthcare, conducts all these services and they have been pivotal in the development of a better image in the healthcare sector. The HR management is thus undertaking a new role of bringing a new understanding and flexibility in the delivery of health services, which results to the healthcare efficiency. The information system was appropriate as it used a common service center. For instance, there is the usage of human labor force in keeping records of sickness absence and the internal auditing of repots, which hinders accountability. Consequently, there is a problem of comprehensive evaluation of staff sickness absence. Evidently, a better information system needs to be implemented in order to improve the efficiency of line managers in order to deal with sickness absence accordingly. Sources have revealed that the formulation of proper policies, systematic procedures, and innovations in the key target areas are key in its accomplishment. For example, there is the provision of better terms and creation of a welfare unit to deal with the wellbeing of the staff .The sick staff has also been entitled to a full pay leave of six months and a half pay for the additional six months. Additionally, there is the development of a plan for purposes of catering for the needs of the emerging issues. Therefore, this has ensured the sufficient delivery of health services. A performance appraisal is conducted to evaluate each work and then a reward is given. Budgetary allocation of health services in the national budget has enabled creation of commissions and authorities that ensure that there is justice and equality in the administration of national health services through the HR management (Goyal 19). There is also the development of a similar treatment for all departments to ensure that equality prevails in all the represented ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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