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P Technology Management - Essay Example

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Strategies and Techniques to Improve Information Technology Management in Customer Centric Organization Date: 18 November 2011 Abstract Information technology and systems have transformed the economic climate through empowering the organizations to compete globally…
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P Technology Management
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Download file to see previous pages The paper recommended that capacity building, change management, injection of more funds and resources into the MIS department will resolve the highlighted issues. Introduction Information technology and systems have transformed the economic climate through empowering the organizations to compete globally. It has become backbone of the organizations success. However, this success has been achieved by the organizations that have successfully implemented the various information technology solutions developed to resolve the prevailing and traditional issues. The organizations that have not been able to overcome the factors leading to lack of implementation of the solutions have lost the competitive edge and ultimately withdraw from the market. Nguyen and Papadopoulos (2011) postulated that customer relations management solutions have substantially benefited the Vietnamese Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). As a result, they are able to compete in 2012 with the global competition coming in their markets after Vietnam has ratified WTO treaty. This paper aims to identify problems and to recommend solutions to overcome it. It has objective to highlight the leading factors that have lead to the unsuccessful and poor implementation of information technology management solutions in the organization. ...
It has a wide spectrum of areas to consider including all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) issues. In a customer service organization, customer is the king and all the information related to the customers are of prime importance. To ensure efficiency and effective services, the customer relation management software plays a strong role in storing, categorizing, prioritizing and keeping the customer relations in desired frequency. Other modules include financial modules, accounting software, Internet, knowledge management and database management. These software help the organization in managing its tasks with ease and efficiency. The instant results derived from the reports generated through these software help the organization to take efficient decisions. The Internet helps the organization to develop an internal communication network for effective communication among the employees as well as to undertake all external communication with customers, affiliates and foreign partners online. Thus, reducing time and costs of traditional communication methods. Information Technology and Competitive Advantage The information technology has twofold benefits. It automates the processes and decision making of the organization. Furthermore, it empowers the employees through giving them the steering of controlling the large amount of data available and to direct it in numerous ways to achieve astounding results. This aspect becomes the competitive advantage for the organization through which it competes globally. As globalization has opened the access of knowledge to all and the human resources have become the competitive advantage of organizations. Factors Responsible for Poor IT Management There are numerous factors that are responsible for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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