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Information Technolgy Management in a Company - Essay Example

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In order to bear competition in the current world order, organizations and businesses have to respond adequately to these changes. This will guarantee effective…
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Information Technolgy Management in a Company
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Extract of sample "Information Technolgy Management in a Company"

Information Technology Management Task Information Technology Management in a Company The phenomenal changes that have changed the shape of the world are attributed to various advances in technology. In order to bear competition in the current world order, organizations and businesses have to respond adequately to these changes. This will guarantee effective competition in the advanced market system, and enable them earn returns to keep their businesses in procedure. Accountability and efficiency is achieved when a company uses requisite technology in the process of management (Burgess, 2002).
How is IT managed at your organization?
Management of an organization involves different functions of coordinating, controlling, conscription, planning, and organizing. Management of information technology in this company is done at three levels that include the executive level, the administrative level, and the supervisory level. The executive level includes board of directors and Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s) who make decisions involving the technology to adopt according to the company’s needs. The administrative level involves staff who implements decisions from the executive level, and participate in using the adopted technology to run the organization. The supervisory level involves technology experts and consultants who examine and analyze the entire information technology system to ensure it is in line with the organization needs, and operates efficiently (Burgess, 2002).
What is the process to make decisions regarding IT development?
Decisions regarding IT development emerge when the current system does not suffice the needs of the organization. This may lead to an overhaul of the current system or improvement to ensure performance. This is determined through evaluation of the entire system to determine which area of the organization needs improvement in order to conform to the company’s requirements. Appropriate measures are communicated to the executive, which debates and decides on the best area to develop. This decision is effected by the administration, which implements the new technology in its current system (Burgess, 2002).
How are resources allocated to work on IT projects?
A thorough evaluation of the current management system reveals areas of the company that need improvement. Advanced technological developments require improvement on these areas by adopting advanced technology to help in streamlining the under-performing areas according to the company requirements. Resources for different projects are allocated according to the company’s needs. Under performing areas are allocated more funds for development projects to streamline them with other units to ensure uniform performance (Burgess, 2002).
What percentage of the IT staff currently supports new development and the percentage of IT staff dedicated to maintenance operations?
Technological advancements have led to many benefits that accompany the use of advanced technological methods in the process of management. Therefore, many individuals favour the adoption of new technological developments to promote efficiency and accountability. Nearly 70% of information technology staff supports new developments that will help solve issues like inaccurate budgeting costs, technical research flaws and unforeseen customer rejection of products and services (Brooke & Mills, 2003).
What CIO/IT leader is your example?
The company has adopted a services CIO. This is more convenient than other CIO’s in the provision of services to the target market. This minimizes the cost of availing goods and services while the company delivers quality. This leads to more consumer satisfaction because it manages the company budgets appropriately due to low IT unit costs, and customer management.
The ability of an organization to adapt to various changes that occur in the business environment leads to efficiency. The organization must embrace appropriate technology to enable swift operations that lead to efficiency and accountability. This enables the organization to stay competitive and relevant in the dynamic business world.
Brooke, M.Z., and William, R.M. (2003). New product development: successful innovation
in the marketplace. Routledge: Britain, United Kingdom.
Burgess, S. (2002). Managing information technology in small business: Challenges and
solutions. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Pub. Read More
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