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Technology, Development and Management for the E-business - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay will make an earnest attempt at designing a simple system that integrates the business model effectively, incorporating Service-Oriented Business Model in the system, ensuring incorporation of Service Level Agreement…
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Technology, Development and Management for the E-business
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Download file to see previous pages Having evaluated the XYZ current operating system for Information Technology related incidents, the author’s company finds it necessary to adopt several changes and improvements by adapting IT service management (ITSM) to handle the incidents. Severity 2 – defined based on transaction counts – or higher incidents are the main target to be evaluated and the researcher believes this system will improve incident reporting process that your company currently operates. The current operating system is characterized by numerous problems and among them includes the several errors that arise frequently due to the complexity of the system. Owing to the frequent degree of error occurrence the current XYZ system has thus proved to be costly to maintain. Systems need to adopt any new technology to boost their efficiency. XYZ IT Service Department is on the stage to have reliable IT operation for providing proper services to customers and employees. The evaluation based on ITIL v3(ITIL FOUNDATION) for the IT health status is to be developed to meet your right position in the market and lack of this technology capability can be evaluated as an insufficient condition of management. The new system to be adopted is tested and has been proven to work in several instances. It is a standardized system which ensures improved efficiency and would make it possible for XYZ to actualize automation of complex system. According to Ross, “standardization creates efficiency across business units, but limits opportunities to customize services”. The advent of mass production during the early part of the last century, spearheaded by such corporations like Ford Motors was the result of standardization of processes and products, which made it possible to produce large quantities of the same product at cheaper unit costs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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