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System Modelling - Assignment Example

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Course/Module Name: Tutor: System Modelling Contents Abstract 3 Collaboration Diagram to add a new book to the library 5 Alternative solutions 6 Proposed system description 6 Alternative solution two: Cloud Application 7 Accepted solution: Online Web-based solution 8 Cost Benefit Analysis 8 System hardware Specification 8 Application of Remote User 9 How the new system benefits the organisation 10 Outputs and inputs elicitation 10 Input description 11 Abstract The paper defines the design considerations made in the system development stage for the Swansea Docklands Management system…
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System Modelling Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages The represented logical structures abstract the inputs, outputs and data flows in the system. In other words the process and representations in the system are models. Keywords: Web-based, management, JavaScript, Remote, Information Technology Sequence Diagram to add a book into the library database: Collaboration Diagram to add a new book to the library Alternative solutions In library management, the software application solutions available are numerous. For instance, one can build a virtual library, use the manual system, use a cloud application for the library management etc. Another additional option is to purchase an information system off the shelf. This means that it is not a tailor made solution; therefore it may pose incompatibility problems. All these systems require careful evaluation and assessment, in order to come up with the most cost effective option that also caters for the organisational needs (Lesley, 2006). The process of system analysis and design should cover the business, or operational aspect of the organisation. This is in order to guarantee that the system makes “business sense”. The definition for business sense is a system that balances the organisational needs and the user requirements. This ensures that the end solution does not implement the business requirements and leave the user functionality (Hickie, Greasley & Bocij, 2008). Proposed system description Based on the requirements of the organisation, the system desired should introduce the concepts of automatic record keeping and digitize the library processes. The system will provide the functionality to add new books, update book details and manage non-book items. In addition, the system shall display referral links to electronic book sites and also provide purchase links. Further, the system proposed will also act as an information collaboration platform. This will coordinate the communication between the staff/management and the library members (Boehm, & Petty 1999). Alternative solution one: Virtual Library The virtual library solution provides a fully functional system that manages issuing, sale and reading of electronic books. It can be accessed via the internet by users. However, the users need to register with the library for accounts and also pay a small subscription fee. The virtual library has the advantage of cost. It is cheap to implement it as a solution and it has minimal infrastructural needs. Berndt (2002) explains that the main disadvantage of the virtual library is that it cannot hold any physical objects given that it runs on the system. The Swansea Docklands society needs a physical access and the online system is intended to bring efficiency and convenience. To publicise their library internet marketing may work, but the virtual library will not be the desired product. Alternative solution two: Cloud Application Boehm, & Petty (1999) points that cloud computing is among the most recent technology developments in the IT world that has revolutionised communication, data storage and. This technology squarely fits the needs of a museum and library management system. End users are able to access cloud based library manageme ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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System Modelling Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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