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Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company - Essay Example

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The paper “Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company” analyzes good personality of employees, which is a highway to greater and better performance in an organization. The ford motor company is an automaker whose president and the Chief Executive Officer is Alan Mulally…
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Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company
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Download file to see previous pages Leadership facilitates the establishment of a vision that is clear within the organization. It further facilitates the sharing of that vision with individuals in the organization so that they can follow it willingly. Leadership provides reliable information, skills, knowledge and ways through which the vision can be achieved in an efficient and effective manner. Also leadership coordinates and balances any interests of the members within the organization that might be conflicting (Tope 2001). Effective leadership emanates from the personality of an individual who posses the ability to think and take actions in ways that suggest creativity wherever difficult situations are encountered. Within any given organization leadership adversely impacts organizational performance. In a positive way it results to employee motivation enabling them to enjoy executing their roles. Productivity rises due to the fact that employees have the morale to work and are able to identify opportunities as well as save on time as they execute their tasks. All this is attributed to leadership that involves leaders communicating their expectations with clarity to their employees. It also involves leaders providing relevant feedbacks and fostering strong relationships with employees to improve their loyalty in the organization. ... The company has been seen to perform quite well under the leadership of Mulally. Its performance is attributed to Mulally’s leadership style which is basically a results oriented type of leadership. A results oriented type of leadership highly focuses on the impact or the outcome of exercising leadership. Based on a clear vision, measurable and attainable goals it aims at achieving maximum results that are desirable and expected in the organization. Mulally exercises his leadership in a crispy and authoritative manner (Vlasic 2009). This blends well with his leadership style due to the fact that he has to ensure that employees do not divert their working from the achievement of the expected results. By Mulally facilitating the installation of an operational discipline as well as initiating moves in a timely and strategic manner indicates that his leadership is result oriented. Through such actions he has contributed to the financial independence enjoyed by Ford Company and thus not depending on loans. Goal setting is a key factor that needs to be considered in regards to the performance of any given organization. Mulally came up with a plan that identified some specific for the ford company. He went step further creating a process that moved towards the achievement of those goals with a system to ensure that they are eventually achieved. Mulally demands to be updated regularly in line with the performance of the organization. Mulally's goal setting approach directed ford to moves characterized by smartness and good timeliness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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