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Managed Care Organizations and Integrated Health Care Networks - Assignment Example

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The management is concerned with reduction of care costs through providing economical incentives meant for the patients and physicians and advice on the less costly care forms. In addition, it has to come up with programmes that help to review the need for the medical services. …
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Managed Care Organizations and Integrated Health Care Networks
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Download file to see previous pages According to Kavaler & Spiegel the physicians have a duty to keep all the information from the patients as confidential as possible. The physicians should deal with information without interfering with the code of ethics and adhere to all the legal procedures. There are cases when the physician should not disclose the patient’s confidentiality unless required by the federal law. This can occur when a patient threatens to cause body harm to himself or the other partner. Therefore, the ethical requirements are not a set of rules but acts as a legal procedure.
Health Maintenance Organization (HMOs) assumes fully the risk with the employer, insurer, and oneself. In this type, payments are done on each individual employee or member in a given population in a specific month. The staff model for this type of organization comprises the employees in HMO. Furthermore, they are supposed to be physicians from HMO and can only become specialists after approval. Either a doctor or a nurse administers the cancer drugs and it may require that before some drugs be administered before reapprove. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managed Care Organizations and Integrated Health Care Networks Assignment - 1.
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Managed Care well as limit the number of health care provider’s network, which becomes very effective in controlling the costs and also helps in increasing the existing competition in the market. (Casto2009) The HMO types of organizations are very stringent in their rules and have made it mandatory that the doctors have to refer the patients to the specialist doctors with regards to their treatments. (Casto2009) Another type of cost controlling technique that is very commonly employed by the organizations is the Utilization Management, which is done by means of the pre authorizing of the services to the patients. Most of the plans that are charted...
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...?Managed Care Organizations: Managed care has been defined by the National library of Medicine as “the intended to reduce un-necessary health care costs through a variety of mechanisms.” There are various ways through which the cost can be brought down. These could be by offering economic incentives to physicians and patients to help them choose less expensive forms of care. It also includes choosing programs for assessing and analyzing the medical necessity of specific services; taking advantage of cost sharing; putting a check on inpatient admissions and the duration of stay; and managing high-cost health care cases correctly. In other words, managed care organizations mean two things: health insurance and delivery health care... at...
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...? Assignment Byline Managed Care Organizations Managed care organizations and health insurance have become particularly important topics within the political spectrum. This is due to the fact that so many Americans are struggling to pay for health insurance and subsequently get the care that they so desperately need. This is why it is vitally important for managed care organizations to present as much information as possible to potential consumers so that these people will be able to make the right decision when it comes to their...
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...United s Managed care organizations The medical care within America has had great revolution from the early 20th century with the system changing from the less expensive to the current more complex system, which also commands relatively higher in terms of costs. Great steps have been notable in the matters of infant mortality rate, life expectancy and the general reduced mortality rates because of better health care as compared with the yester years. Great steps in reforming the medical system as we have it today in the United States dates back from the first quarter of the twentieth century where reformist took shape of the system to...
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Managed Care Organizations providers (preferred providers) who are part of the PPO network. Techniques Used by Managed Care Organizations to contain costs The managed care organizations generally reduce cost by improving efficiencies. The efficiency can be increased by optimally utilizing technology, reducing overheads, enhancing patient care treatments, and increasing utilization rate of the available medical equipment. The managed care organizations also provide incentives to health care providers if they select...
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...of the specialized doctors who demanded greater fee, breakthrough sophistication in medicine were taking place, and hospital expenses and profits were expanding till the point it became an integrated, privatized and corporatized system. d. Other Factors Other important factors that contributed to the rising health costs included exploitation of fee-for-service method, general inflation in economy, greater demand of services as a result of greater and aging population (AWHP) and speculation over changing government policies. Managed-health-care, which took over as a result of exploitation of pay-as-needed method of health...
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...Managed Health Care Managed Health Care Question part a). Health care today is whether or not managed care in working? In US, Managed health care comprises of such techniques and technologies which are beneficial in terms of improving the quality of life and health care. There are several organizations that provide such services and also provide finances for health care techniques. Such finances include incentives for general physicians so that they choose such medical equipments which are of comparatively lower cost but of high effectiveness, sharing of costs for surgical instruments and proving maximum facilities in this regard. Although the above mentioned and some other medical related problems in terms of cost are thought... to be...
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...Managed Health Care A contract is an important document that defines the relationship between the health care provider and a managed care organization (MCO). However, there are contract issues that may cause problems from the provider’s perspective. They include: 1. A silent PPO (preferred provider organization) A silent PPO occurs when the contracting party negotiates a discount with the provider, and then trades access to discounts to a nonrelated entity after the provider offers services to an individual covered by insurance policies of the nonrelated entity (Roberts, 2000). 2....
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...Managed Care Organizations Managed Care Organizations Three major criticisms/drawback of managed care Managed care includes various techniques that influence the clinical performance of health care givers and patients, usually by integrating the delivery payment of health care. Its general aim is to put administrative control over quality, cost, or access to health care service in given population of covered patients. Managed...
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...Health Sciences and Medicine of Purpose of Accreditation Accreditation is a rigorous examination of a health care organization’s systems and processes to ensure adherence to set standards. An impartial external body carries out the accreditation process. Accreditation acts as a form of external approval of standards and services offered by an institution (NCQA, 2008). As the health care industry has become more and more competitive, accreditation has become more necessary. With accreditation, organizations can prove their commitment to accountability and quality services (URAC, 2011). The process of accreditation has...
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