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Green Tailing (Retail Innovation) - Term Paper Example

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Running head: GREEN TAILING (RETAIL INNOVATION) Green Tailing (Retail Innovation) Insert Name Insert Insert 08 November 2011 Green Tailing (Retail Innovation) Introduction Green tailing is one of the major revolutions that is taking place in our retail market place, with emphasis on influential green trend in retailing business…
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Green Tailing (Retail Innovation)
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Download file to see previous pages Green tailing also focuses on achieving low cost the customers, thus, they are able to achieve greater savings. However, innovations in green tailing focus not only on price, but also on exploiting fashion, providing outstanding services, offering expanded range of products, and selling high quality merchandise (Stern & Ander, 2008). Since some retailers lose while others win, all retailers must adapt to -Est Theory. The –Est theory states that a retailer must be the best by being superior to all others at one core proposition that is important to specific customers. Most green retailers achieve this through communicating their -Est position to the customers, executing it relentlessly at the store level and orienting their staff to that position. Additionally, their day-to-day operational decisions and strategies are based on that position. The world of retailing is changing faster and more dramatically than ever before, hence, it is always advantageous for a retailer or supplier who gets to that position first. Before, most green retails’ life cycles looked like a typical bell curve. ...
In essence, green tailing is a crucial element of the future of retail. Therefore, it holds the key to understanding a seismic shift in consumer behavior that shifts the balance away from price to other factors that will require businesses to rethink their basic models. Types of green retail stores There are various types of stores that are considered as environmental friendly, which sell green products. Consumers have now become more enlightened; most are beginning to look for sustainable, green, and organic products (Radcliff, 2011). Hence, they are looking for stores and suppliers who embrace eco-friendly methods and green aspects in their operations. These stores include Clothing and Apparel that sell clothing products from sustainable organic materials such as bamboo fiber, hemp, cotton and other recycled fabrics. There is also increased demand for peace silk or vegan silk that is extracted from hatched silkworm castings; hence, no silkworms are harmed in the extraction. Additionally, eco-friendly clothing is made with natural and organic dyes in accordance with green specifications. Secondly, there are green furniture stores that sell furniture made from natural materials such as teak wood, bamboo, natural fibers and reclaimed sustainable materials. More so, in finishing, this furniture use natural dyes, water and soya-based finishes, natural oils and waxes (Radcliff, 2011). Thirdly, there are organic foods grown through strict observance of green principles without use of any artificial chemicals and fertilizers. Lastly, there are personal care and household cleaning products that are made from natural and organic ingredients that are raised up with adherence to green ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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