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The purpose of the Consumer International website - Essay Example

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The essay "The purpose of the Consumer International website" explores the Consumer International as a highly organized online site and presents main information that seeks to guide consumers with regards to their needs…
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The purpose of the Consumer International website
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Extract of sample "The purpose of the Consumer International website"

Download file to see previous pages Consumers International stands as the independent voice of the consumers with high authority all throughout the entire globe and it consists of 220 member organizations in 115 countries in order to protect and empower customers (Customers International, 2011). For instance, it is the vision of CI to help consumers to have access to safe and sustainable good and service offerings. In its websites, CI believes in the principles that customers have the right to satisfaction of basic needs, safety, be informed, to choose, to be heard, to redress, consumer education, and a healthy environment. That is why CI strongly works towards several campaigns on international issues that eventually would matter to a customer that primarily involves changes in government policy, corporate behavior and increasing awareness of consumers’ rights and responsibilities (Customers International, 2011). In great and general detail, CI is always there for international consumers in order to protect them, inform them of their rights and responsibilities regarding today’s fast-paced changing level of customer-market interaction. Based on the above information, CI would serve as the watchtower over the ongoing activity in the market to help ensure that customers receive their rights. Furthermore, CI is also a remarkable organization which aims to educate customers so as to help them perform their responsibility. Thus, CI is not only there to protect customers based on their basic rights, but also to empower them to perform their duties and obligations. Social Responsibility This was what came into my mind when I encountered this article entitled “Africa gets consumer rights boost with new NGO status and office for CI” published by CI on September 19, 2011 under its “news” section. The article talks about CI granted with a legal privilege to stand as NGO in South Africa which further gives it the legal privilege to approach donors (Consumers International, 2011). As an NGO, CI considers itself existing there in South Africa for a significant and highly remarkable reason. As for me, I would consider it as a perfect opportunity for South Africans to be highly educated and receive their rights and privileges as consumers. This is also a good opportunity for CI to raise funds in order to sustain its cause with sustainable financial aid. As what I see in this case, there are two essential points CI remarkably has been doing in order to continue walk in its vision. The first point is about extending its expertise and resources to consumers in order to educate them with the right information. In line with this, CI has to ensure that customers are exactly given with their perfect opportunity in the market, basic privileges and rights. However, CI’s mission does not only stop in here. There are other basic considerations it needs to take into account in order to sustain its vision. The second point involves about financial matters. As an NGO in South Africa, the only source of funds that CI can acquire is through asking donors. It made the legal move to ensure this by allowing it to be recognized as official NGO in South Africa. I consider this as an act in line with social responsibility. CI’s effort is not just about a program or anything else, but a mission. Since it is a mission, it has to stand on its responsibility and indeed act on it with great effort coupled with high ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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