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Ethics and Business - Research Paper Example

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Ethics and Business
Ethics are the moral standards and codes of conduct that society uses to judge human behavior. Ethics span around many careers and fields since they guide the people in different operations…
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Ethics and Business
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Download file to see previous pages One field in which ethics are applied is in the field of business spanning from accounting to auditing. Ethics and professionalism are currently applied in various organizational settings and in many emerging issues of the business world. It is necessary for businesses to be governed by ethics, but this is a two way traffic affair since accounting and auditing standards also impact on ethics. Apart from these two business tenets, emerging issues and the business environment also have an effect on the ethics of business operations (Houghton, 2005).
Business ethics refers to the moral rules and codes of conduct that govern business procedures. These rules also govern the manner in which business managers make decisions concerning organizational matters. Ethics and regulations in the business are related because ethics govern the manner in which business regulations are done. Therefore, regulations in business impact on ethics because when establishing business ethics of a particular company, the management puts into consideration the regulations that may arise in the course of business procedures. For example, the day to day running of the business enterprise requires that managers and supervisors regulate the functions of different workers and the manner in which the organization conducts business with other companies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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