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Business Ethics and Business Law - Research Paper Example

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The paper contains the discussion on Rule v. Fort Dodge Animal Health, Inc., and Wyeth Corp. which indicates that business ethics and the law have remained elusive to practitioners because of its malleability. Due to the ease with which practitioners can manipulate the law to serve their interests …
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Business Ethics and Business Law
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Extract of sample "Business Ethics and Business Law"

Download file to see previous pages The law, especially business law, has been established to govern and guide businesses to operate within the acceptable ethical and moral framework. However, this framework does not always address all aspects of business activities, leaving managers and executives to find their own perception of the right path. It is because of gray areas that organizations find it difficult to decide whether its activities are compatible with the moral standards set by the law or ethics. In the following sections the researcher shall explore a case law, Rule v. Fort Dodge Animal Health, to demonstrate that often business ethics and business law counteract each other, making it challenging for the organization (and even the law) to determine which path to follow.
In 2002-03, Jessica Rule, a resident of Massachusetts purchased doses of ProHeart 6, a drug for preventing heartworm in dogs, and administered them to her dog, Luke. ProHeart 6 was considered to be a better improvement from its earlier version ProHeart because it remained effective for six months instead of one. However, it needed to be administered by a veterinarian rather than orally by the owner. Both the ProHeart and ProHeart 6 are manufactured by Fort Dodge Animal Health, a division of Wyeth. The improved version was alleged to generate more profits for Wyeth because it was not easily discounted as it had to be administered by vets. Nevertheless, this fact did not impact its effective use against heartworm in dogs (Excerpt from Rule v. Fort Dodge Animal Health).
In 2004, Wyeth recalled ProHeart 6 upon the request of FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) due to the concerns regarding the initial test results of the product. The results indicated ProHeart 6 was actually harmful to dogs, caused reactions and even deaths upon repeat usage.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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