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A Life Without Stress: a Company Wellness Program - Assignment Example

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A Life Without Stress: A Company Wellness Program Word Count: 1000 (4 pages) I. Introduction: “A Life Without Stress” Company Wellness Program A company wellness program should emphasize many of the best elements of preventative medicine. Preventative health care should be a focal point of any company, but for this particular company, we are going to embark upon a program entitled “A Life Without Stress.” In this model, we will address several issues that arise when one is developing such a company wellness program…
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A Life Without Stress: a Company Wellness Program
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Download file to see previous pages This wellness program is essential for the company. Without healthy employees, no company has a chance of succeeding or competing successfully—as one’s workers will not be adequately taken care of if that is the case. Since employees’ health is highly valued, that is the reason such a program is being undertaken. An additional benefit to having an employee wellness program is that, not only will the employees get to enjoy good health, but it is also a win-win in the sense that the company does not have to worry about as many health care costs being burdened on its insurance program due to the fact that employees will have less reasons to have to visit the doctor. Secondary health problems can plague employees due to the primary health problem of obesity—as it has now been estimated that 2 out of 3 Americans are either overweight or obese. Employees would definitely be more stress-free if they ate healthier and watched their weight. II. Employee Needs, Company Needs, Company Capabilities, and Community Capabilities Employee needs run the gamut—from having to have bottled water (or “hydration stations”) available in most workplace settings—to needing time off work for personal and, often health-related maladies. The main idea is that a company wellness program needs to be specific enough to motivate people and get everyone involved—while being general enough to meet and adapt to everyones’ needs. The company needs involved in in adapting a company wellness program include having employees that are in-shape and ready to work. The company’s capabilities include being able to—hopefully—provide health insurance for everyone regardless of whether they use it or not. The community capabilities include inclusivity in amongst program participants and creating a space where co-workers feel comfortable in their environment and keeping that space a happy, healthy, stress-free place to work. In order to achieve this, workers and the company must work together with each other in order to find more viable solutions that will effectively transform the company into a more productive unit. Once that has been accomplished, it will then be much easier for the company to reach its target goals because its workforce will be happier and stress-free due to the fact that its employees will be living healthier lives in terms of nutrition and fitness being implemented. III. Goal-Setting, Operating Methods, and the Importance of Facilitating Management Support In any organization, it’s important to realize shared goals and personal goals. The company should reward individuals for setting personal nutrition and fitness goals with some type of discount on products or services that would be useful to them. Operating methods of the company should be taken into account when designing and implementing the nutrition and fitness into the wellness program. For example, the company might decide that on days when they offer a free lunch to their employees that the choice is to order from a sandwich-making company rather than a company that provides take-out fast food, which is more likely to be fried food ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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