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How intercountry differences affect Human Resource Management - Research Paper Example

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How intercountry differences affect Human Resource Management Introduction The intercountry differences affect Human Resource Management by motivating them to substantially create effective HR policies and procedures for handling global assignments (Managing Human Resources in an International Business 2)…
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How intercountry differences affect Human Resource Management
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"How intercountry differences affect Human Resource Management"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, for them the human resource should be given higher priority in order for the entire business operation to succeed. In the case of handling global human resources for those international companies, challenges are always at hand. This is due to the fact that each country has different business environment which includes differences in cultural, political, social, economic, technological aspects and more (Rao par. 2-9). In the following section, the proponent tries to include intercountry differences for working hours, holidays, recruiting, selection, appraising, training, minimum wage and compensation. These differences point out how they affect Human Resource Management in detail. Working hours The other part of the globe right at this moment is plunging into deep sleep while the other side is widely awake and is responding in unison to the busy schedule of the day. In the case of global companies such as call centers, they have companies instituted right at the Pacific Rim or at the other side of the world. Working hours therefore should differ between countries especially those with 12-hours differences. This means that employees in Asia working in a call center should be awake all night long when it is daytime in the US, Europe or in other parts of the world. This created an impact among global companies in their HR management and one of the best options that they should do is to motivate or encourage employees to work for them considering the nature and required working hours of the offered jobs. Holidays Mostly, international companies adhere to the required holiday in a country and this means they have to inform their international counterparts so as to ensure continuity of their business operation without creating any unnecessary interruptions. For this reason, an international organization is influenced by the prevailing political and cultural system in a certain country. Recruiting Recruiting activity may also differ from each country considering the nature of prevailing political, cultural and social background and orientation of an individual. An international company should therefore consider following the policies and procedures implemented in a certain country regarding with the right recruiting activity. Part of this is to remarkably explain to job applicants the nature of the jobs they are applying for and the specific tasks expected of them to perform. Selection In the selection process, an international company needs to be transparent about the required qualification of an employee they are looking for in a certain job so as to eliminate discrimination in the process. Discrimination has to be essentially eliminated especially in countries that are giving too much value on their cultural orientation. This means that an international company needs to be sensitive in dealing with cultural background of an employee especially in the selection process. Appraising The American standard may differ from that of those countries in Asia and in other countries. This means that an international company coming from the United States may have significant influence from its country and will tend to impose it to its counterparts in other countries. However, appraising should be clearly explained to each employee so as to prevent potential thought about biases and partiality. This is to ensure that each employee should be able to agree with their level of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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