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Fictitious Business Description - Essay Example

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Mr. Morgan’s case of Castle’s Family Restaurant is not really new to our generation. Being an operations manager and HR manager at the same time of eight restaurants is a very difficult task. One of the promising solutions to his case is the existence of Human Resources Information System (HRIS)…
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Fictitious Business Description
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Download file to see previous pages When choosing suitable HRIS, there are a lot of factors or questions to consider. The following are just few of the important factors to consider. One of the most important things to consider is to know the degree of flexibility and scalability that the HR information technology software provides. This should address if the software can import data from multiple Excel spreadsheets, databases, and paper documents and the level with which it can interface with all kinds of systems and data. Another factor to consider is if the software can accommodate the rules of the company and the benefit carriers as to make sure that each enrolment activity will be evaluated and necessary combination of rules can be applied. The next thing to consider is the ability to grow as the company grows with new employees, offices, benefit changes and rules. The capability of the software to integrate with other systems should also be considered. The company should also know who is responsible for implementing or building the solution and must have a clear understanding of the level of training and expertise required and amount of time expected. The data should make sure that the data is owned by the Human Resources organization. Company should also take a look at the upkeep and maintenance required. There are still numerous questions to consider. ...
Within the human resource management area, these decisions include recruitment decisions; job analysis and design decisions, training and development decisions, and employee compensation plan decisions. In a Tactical Information System, this type of information system includes Job Analysis and Design Information Systems, Recruitment Information Systems, Compensation and Benefits Information Systems, and Employee Trainings and Development Systems. The Job Analysis and Design Information Systems can help Mr. Morgan in his problem about answering questions and communicating with his employees. This information system is designed to take care of the information inputted to the job analysis from interviews with workers, supervisors, labour unions, government, competitors and other external sources (Types of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), n.d.). The output from this will provide Mr. Morgan the basis for strategic human resource decisions. The Recruiting Information Systems will be very helpful to Mr. Morgan. This information system will collect and process the information needed to create a plan which includes the list of vacant positions, with the corresponding responsibilities and requirements; list of employees for transfer, termination, retirement and even summaries for appraisal of employees (Types of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), n.d.). The other component of tactical HRIS is the Compensation and Benefits Information Systems which will help Mr. Morgan in taking care of the employees’ payroll. This information system will help the company when it comes to the payroll of employees by taking care of the information ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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