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Functions of Management Paper - Essay Example

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Functions of Management Before going into the discussion regarding four functions of management, let us get a better understanding of what management actually is. Management, in the context of business, refers to the activities involved in running a business properly…
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Functions of Management Paper
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Download file to see previous pages All of these functions play their roles in making an organization achieve all goals efficiently. Let us discuss each of these functions in some detail in order to know the role that they play in the success of an organization. Planning Planning holds great importance in the process of management. It means recognizing organizational or personal goals and developing proper strategies to meet those goals. In context of organizations, planning not only includes setting goals for the future but also includes development of strategies and tactics to meet those goals. Managers cannot achieve desired goals and objectives without planning. For proper planning, managers need to consider many factors, such as, assessment of organizational environment, availability of resources, future trends of the market, assessment of customers’ demands, and proper use of capital. In the organization where I work, there are many kinds of planning which managers do for the success of the organization. Some of those types of planning include marketing planning, sales planning, and project planning. Marketing planning means to develop suitable strategies for the marketing of the company’s products and services. In marketing planning, managers consider 4Ps of the marketing mix to develop a proper marketing plan. In sales planning, managers assess all aspects of the target market and the sales promotion strategies to develop a proper sales plan for the products. In case of project planning, managers take a close look at different aspects of the project to do effective planning. For project planning, managers consider due date of the project, available resources, and effective use of human resource and technology to meet the targets. Tatum (2011) states, “Like any type of business planning, project planning is about gaining the most benefit while making the wisest use of available resources”. Proper planning provides many benefits to the organizations, such as, avoidance of confusions, completion of tasks within deadlines, reduction of risks, and correct use of resources. Organizing Organizing is the second function of management, which means to organize different activities. Once managers are done with planning to do something, the need for organizing arises. Managers need to bring together all resources in such a way that they work in collaboration with each other to achieve desired goals. The function of organizing includes many core activities, such as, identifying the resources, arranging required resources, classifying the resources, communicating goals to employees, assigning tasks to employees based on their skills, and delegating the authorities. A manager needs to be skilled in the function of organizing. It is important because no work can be done up to the level of perfection without proper organization of activities. In my organization, managers of all departments organize their sets of activities in a logical manner in order to contribute to the success of the organization. The activities of arranging required resources and providing those resources to the employees for the completion of tasks also come under the function of organizing. Managers organize the workplace properly in order to ensure workplace productivity and organizational success. “Without an organized workplace, employees will see a manager as unprepared” (Rothbauer-Wanish, 2009). Therefore, a manager needs to be organized personally and professionally in order to put a good impact on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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