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Udoka corporation case study - Essay Example

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There is close relation between the operational activities and financial activities as both of these areas are inter-dependent on each other. Proper financial planning for operational activities increases its performance which helps to achieve better operating financial performance. …
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Udoka corporation case study
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"Udoka corporation case study"

Download file to see previous pages Operational process is the core area that has to be very efficient to retain the sustainability of a company. Therefore, in order to maintain a higher level of operational process, proper evaluation and controlling activities are inevitable. The evaluation of operational analysis can be done using the financial evaluation techniques specifically the ratio analysis. Besides, the management decisions and future strategies should also be analysed for determining the future growth of company in terms of operational performance. Hence, in this regard necessary information is essential like the financial data and management planning for operational process. However, merely computing the operational ratios will not offer very clear picture of a company’s performance. The results of evaluation must be compared with the peer rivals and with industrial average performance. There are also other financial techniques apart from the ratio analysis like horizontal analysis which is helpful in comparing company performance in comparison to performances in previous years. As this report aims to evaluate operational performances of Udoka Corporation, outcome from the horizontal analysis can be used to assess improvements or degradation in Udoka’s performance. The primary aim for this analysis to is identify the underlying issues in Udoka’s operational performances and accordingly a set of plausible and specific recommendation will be offered. Brief Description of Udoka Corporation Udoka Corporation is engaged in mobile manufacturing business and technology and innovation is the base of this company. It is operating in a highly competitive business environment where every aspect of performance is crucial for sustaining in such severe competitive market. It is expected that in coming years the industry competitive will be fiercer and hence, it is necessary for Udoka to take necessary action to acquire an upper hand position in the market. The management of Udoka is considering for investing for ensuring Udoka’s future, and in this process, it is very necessary to make proper decisions based on prevailing condition of finance and based on industry forecast. Analysis of Operational Performance Operational process includes the management cash receivable, cash payable, inventory turnover etc. Using these parameters, cash conversion cycle and operational cycle can be determined. To make better decisions for future growth, the proper evaluation of current status is indispensible which also offer indication of prevailing operational performance (Walton and Aerts, 2006, p.261). Using the financial data of Udoka Corporation, operational performance of the company has been determined. Table 1 represents horizontal analysis of Udoka’s financial statement and the table 2 depict the analysis of its operational performance. Table 1: Horizontal Analysis of Udoka’s Financial Statements Financial Analysis 2011 2,010 2,009   Actual Actual Variance % Actual Variance %   ?m ?m ?m   ?m ?m   Total sales 50,710 45,639 5,071 11% 41,075 9,635 23% Cost of sales 33,337 26,471 6,866 26% 24,645 8,692 35%                 Ratio of CS/Sales 66% 58% 8% 13% 60% 6% 10%                 Gross profit 17,373 19,168 -1,795 -9% 16,430 943 6% Gross margin 34% 42% -8% -19% 40% -6% -15%                 Operating expenses         ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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