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Employees Performance Appraisal - Coursework Example

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Question1 Performance appraisal is done by the company’s superiors to evaluate the employees’ performance on a regular basis. This assessment is done either monthly or yearly. The goal is to judge whether the employee’s performance is up to the mark and is meeting the organizational standards…
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Employees Performance Appraisal
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Download file to see previous pages Potential appraisal is the evaluation considering the personal qualities of the employee like his communication skills, leadership qualities, and commitment. It is different from performance appraisal in that performance is something that has happened in the past while potential abilities are those that an employee might possibly possess that can be enhanced to improve his performance in the future. The goal here is to make the employees aware of their potential prospects in future and to enable the organization to plan out management succession strategies. Potential appraisal helps the organization to lay out training and recruitment programs so that employees’ job opportunities can be increased. Question 2 The main goal of potential appraisal is to make the employees aware of their career development so that they have a clear vision about their future prospects. When the employees know which personal qualities they posses and which they need improvement in, they actually get a clear outlook on their personal haves and have-nots and this helps them build their capabilities through training sessions and motivation programs. They come to know how much confidence they possess; how good they are in decision making and problem solving; how they handle workplace stress; how independent they are; and, much more. This aids their career development and thus their future becomes bright with regard to their job. An employee can himself ask for an assessment of his potential qualities if he wants to be promoted or transferred. Otherwise, the company conducts this assessment to know if there is a need for training or motivation, and whether a certain employee should be assigned higher level responsibilities or not. This assessment may be conducted through different methods: self-appraisal, superior-appraisal, peer-appraisal, or role playing, are all methods conducting potential appraisal. Hence, potential appraisal is very future oriented and focuses on the career development of the employee. Question3 It is the manager’s responsibility to make sure that it is in the organization’s policies to include potential appraisal as a part of performance appraisal program. A line manager is assigned to conduct potential appraisals. A mutual understanding between the manager and the appraisee is important which can also build up during meetings between the two. It is the responsibility of the manager to gain information about how to conduct the appraisal process properly because if he does not have enough experience conducting potential appraisals, then he might end up showing negative cascaded attitude toward the process and telling that appraisals are a waste of time. This negative attitude then goes down among the appraisees as well and then the whole bunch of employees or teams of employees start possessing the same attitude. Thus, a manager’s role is very important because he portrays the attitude of the overall workforce. Also, a manager should maintain a written record of all potential appraisals and must make sure that all the capabilities of employees are judged properly without any bias. Since the manager better knows about the employees’ qualities and much more that is not explicit, his responsibilities increase when it comes to the future prospects and career development ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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