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Qatar Leadership Centre's programme - Essay Example

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The researcher states that there is clear evidence that financial leadership is essential to the growth of businesses as well as nations. In the face of globalisation and internationalisation, there is the need for strong leadership in Finance to enable businesses and nations to grow. …
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Qatar Leadership Centres programme
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that with the diverse backgrounds and competencies of the trainers and institutions involved in the Qatar Leadership Centre's programme, the researcher is very confident that by participating in the programme, he will get the opportunity to learn and build the competencies of a great financial leader not only for my employers but also for Qatar as an emerging international economic power. After attaining an international Masters' degree and working as a Senior Auditor for several years now, the researcher has built the basic skills and experience necessary to launch into an international accounting and finance career. The researcher however recognises that he will be more equipped for future challenges if he acquires leadership skills and competencies. These traits and abilities will enable me to get the best results for my organisation and the numerous stakeholders that my organisation will interact with. The Qatar Leadership Centre programme offers the necessary training and activities that will enable me to attain these core competencies that the researcher needs to succeed in his international career. The next five years, the researcher desires to acquire more experience in financial management and lecturing, further his education in finance and accounting and also build a socially responsible career. He hopes to do this by working in a world-class university that will enable him to work as an Accountant/Finance expert and also contribute his quota to the society by lecturing and nurturing the next generation of financial leaders. I therefore need some more leadership skills and abilities to influence the young up and coming in the best possible way to become responsible finance leaders in the future. I have also made preparations to complete the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) program in the next five years. This will enable me to gain more technical knowledge about accounting and finance on an international level. This will give me the necessary qualification to learn about comparative international systems and structures and use that to support in the modelling of a good accounting system in Qatar. In practice, I would want to use my power as a financial manager/auditor to promote corporate social responsibility in my organisation and the wider society. I therefore plan to get some competencies in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance matters to ensure this. I am strongly considering a postgraduate course in Corporate Social Responsibility to attain this end. Basically, I want to influence my work environment with best practices and effective decisions. I also seek to impart the knowledge I have accrued over the years to the next generation of finance leaders in Qatar and around the world. I also want to promote the institutionalisation of social responsibility in the corporate sector in Qatar. In my practice in the university environment, I once experienced a religious sectarian conflict that involved the top-ranked academics of the university and administrators. The issue was related to a policy that could adversely affect a certain social group in the university in terms of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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