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JetFan technology Limited. Individual Strategic Business Planning portfolio - Essay Example

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JetFan deals in commercialization of the application for a pioneering fan impeller or fan blade technology. The company is looking for investors to join in and to contribute further to flourish the business further. It is quite evident that the business type is ‘Partnership’. …
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JetFan technology Limited. Individual Strategic Business Planning portfolio
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Download file to see previous pages This seems to be quite correct for the business plan as the start up costs and further expenses would be shared among the owners. Furthermore, the responsibilities and work will get further attention from other owners leading to an appropriate planning and focused implementation of the same. Adding to it, the business risks would also be shared among the partners leading to less probability of default for the organisation. JetFan is quite new to this compact electronic equipment cooling segment, which demands it to make enough alliances with the prominent fan manufacturers operating in this segment. Additional contacts and complementary skills of each partner in a work environment of motivation and mutual support can be used to successfully explore this new segment of compact electronic cooling equipments. In ‘company structure and ownership’ a good deal of information has been provided on the shareholders of this company. Overall it seems that, the business plan includes the type of business; however, it fails to identify the legal term attached with it.
The organisation is looking forward to commercialize the impeller in the compact cooling electronics segment. The JetFan impellers would be smaller and more efficient than their conventional counterparts. The products would be offering enhanced efficiency than the existing impellers at the same cost as that of the rest. The market application of the product would be in cooling, heating, extraction/ventilation. JetFan Ltd has come up with several prototypes including hand dryers and hair dryers, ceiling fans, vacuum cleaners, fiber optical light source cooling and significant market of compact electronic equipment cooling which also includes portable computers chip set cooling instruments. In this business plan, a description of the product has been included. Although, it does not consist much of technicalities, the significant attributes for the customers and its offering in different segments have been mentioned. Type of Opportunity JetFan has been into the commercialization of its impellers to the compact electronics cooling market. The opportunity is expansion towards commercialization of the products. JetFan Ltd now wants its JetFan technology to enter into different segments of electrical and electronics equipments. The opportunity type is not clearly defined; however, a glimpse of the same has been provided throughout the plan. Promise to be Successful: The Product is Unique The promise of JetFan’s success lies behind the problems faced through the traditional fan impellers. In this specific business plan, the author has rightly identified the issues with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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