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The Power of Public Relations - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "The Power of Public Relations" touches upon the concept of public relations job. According to the text, public relations has evolved to encompass a wider role from its previous content limited in creating mass media feeds…
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The Power of Public Relations
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Extract of sample "The Power of Public Relations"

Download file to see previous pages The roles of corporations have emerged to be criminal and obscene in nature that it becomes difficult to even consider proposing a change in their business conduct and culture.A clear, well-planned policy and public relations approach will rally the audience or the public to support the leader amidst the counter-campaign of opponents, not only political but also corporate in nature. This has become necessary in the US political landscape and mass communication due to the open encroachment of corporate actors in policy-making and informing the public. After all, the majority of the so-called mainstream media are corporate in nature and they tend to support their advertisers despite obvious negative actions they are committing against the majority of the public. In addition, the delineation between freedom and expression and controlled information has been blurred to a point where truth may be difficult to identify (Hall, 2007). To conclude, public relations for a political leader or client may prove difficult if one is on the side for the public good. A need to bargain with major actors becomes necessary to strike a balance and make the opposite side understand the importance of sustainability even in corporate dealings. Where a balance may be bargained, the problem will be on safeguarding an equitable implementation of policy. All these encompass the work of the public relations practitioner and should be considered carefully in their PR packages especially for politicians. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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