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European Strategy towards Asian Countries - Essay Example

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The paper “European Strategy towards Asian Countries” seeks to explore political instability and ethnic problems, which were earlier forced the European countries from establishing strong economic and trade tie-ups with the Asian countries…
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European Strategy towards Asian Countries
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Extract of sample "European Strategy towards Asian Countries"

Download file to see previous pages European market became saturated for many of the big organizations which forced them to look for options in the emerging markets like India, China, and the Middle East etc. Europe is blessed with a lot of developed countries such as Britain, France Germany etc. Traditionally or historically, Europe has had close ties with Asian countries during the ancient periods. However, the current relationships are much more meaningful than the relationships during the ancient periods. Europeans tried to exploit the resources of the weaker Asian regions earlier whereas at present they are trying to establish relationships with the Asian region for mutual benefits. This paper briefly analyses the European strategy towards Asian countries especially towards, India, China and the Middle East. Europe’s relation with China and India Even though EU has established relations with China in 1975 itself, these relations never prospered into a bigger canvas because of the political differences between China and European countries. Earlier, most of the Eastern European countries were under a communist regime which helped China and Europe to establish relationships. However, the destruction of communism from the Eastern European countries brought almost the entire Europe under the democratic platform. This radical transformation of Europe into a democratic region affected their relations with communist China. However, China succeeded in giving a more liberal look to their approaches under the leadership of Deng in the 80’s and 90’s and they are currently the most rapidly developing economies in the world. China is now a global power: decisions taken in Beijing are central to virtually all the EU’s pressing global concerns, whether climate change, nuclear proliferation, or rebuilding economic stability. China’s tightly controlled economic and industrial policies strongly affect the EU’s economic well-being. China’s policies in Africa are transforming parts of a neighboring continent whose development is important to Europe. Yet the EU continues to treat China as the emerging power it used to be, rather than the global force it has become (A power audit of EU-China relations, 2009, p.1) China is one country which causing threats not only to the Americans but also to the Europeans. It is difficult for Europe to isolate China, only because of political reasons. America, the strong critic of China, has already established good business relations with China. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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