An in-depth understanding of the organizational and the individual performance of a company - Essay Example

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Organizations often witness the challenges in terms of poor performance both in the individual and the organizational level. From an individual level, it has also been witnessed several times that an individual worker who was a ‘good performer’ previously has turned to be a ‘bad performer’ within a short-term period. …
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An in-depth understanding of the organizational and the individual performance of a company
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Essay 2 Table of Contents 0.Overview 3 2.0.Worksheet for Preparing Instructional Objectives 4 3.0.Conclusion 6 References 7 0. Overview Organizations often witness the challenges in terms of poor performance both in the individual and the organizational level. From an individual level, it has also been witnessed several times that an individual worker who was a ‘good performer’ previously has turned to be a ‘bad performer’ within a short-term period. However, there can be various reasons to cause ‘poor performance’ active in both the organizational and the personal level of the workers (Jackson & Et. Al., 2008). With this point of view, the paper shall intend to identify few factors in an organization which is solely based on the marketing of various kinds of products through telesales. Certainly, the sales force of the organization plays a vital role in signifying its overall performance. According to the job responsibilities of the sales force of the company, the individuals require to call the potential customers and influence them to buy the product. Thus, the workers should possess a high level of competencies in terms of learning skills, interactive skills, change-ability, and readiness. The competencies of the workers or the task force shall in turn influence the competency of the organization. However, the actors of competencies shall be measured according to the determined instructional objectives, i.e. to identify the causes of poor performance, assess the potential of the workforce and enhance their competencies which in turn shall positively encourage the organizational competencies. 2.0. Worksheet for Preparing Instructional Objectives Work Task or Subject Matter Topic Performance Objectives On completion of instruction, the learners should be able to…….. Column 1 Column 2 Performance Column 3 Criteria Column 4 Condition Calling the potential customers Call at least 20 potential customers in an hour Number of calls made by the individuals in the sales force per hour When there are no technical disturbances from the end of the caller and the receiver both Influencing the called customers At least 3 potential customers who have been called are willing to provide an appointment Number of appointments gathered by an individual in the sales force per day When the given product satisfies the market demand and affordability of the customers Change Adaptability Call at least 15 potential customers in an hour Number of calls made by the sales force per hour Given the product is less suitable according to the market demand and the knowledge of the potential customers and when there are no technical disturbances Interactive-Skills The potential customers should not have any doubts regarding the product Number of deals finalized at the end of 15 days Given there are no limitations in terms of formalities to finalize a deal Source: (Rothwell & Kazanas, 2008). 3.0. Conclusion With the above example, it can be evidently stated that determining instructional objectives shall prove to be highly effective in developing an in-depth understanding of the organizational and the individual performance of a provided company. For instance, in this case the aim is to measure the performance of every individual with few provided conditions such as the product design, market demand, knowledge of the customers and other socio-economic factors. The facts or the findings derived from the criteria shall thereby assist the organization to recognize the good performers and the bad performers separately and determine the strategies to enhance the competencies of the performers. It shall also assist the organization to maintain the level of stress in the working environment and other similar attributes. This shall in turn stimulate the organizational competency at large. References Jackson, S. E. & Et. Al., (2008). Managing Human Resources. Cengage Learning. Rothwell, W. J. & Kazanas, H. C., (2008). Mastering the Instructional Design Process: A Systematic Approach. John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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