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How can the strategic human resource business partner(SHRBP) add value to the IT department - Essay Example

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In accordance with Plant et al. the IT department (or else the management information systems (MIS) department) is ‘the functional area tasked with providing the business enterprise with the technology resources necessary to perform its functions effectively’ (Plant et al. 2007, p.214). …
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How can the strategic human resource business partner(SHRBP) add value to the IT department
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Extract of sample "How can the strategic human resource business partner(SHRBP) add value to the IT department"

Download file to see previous pages Current paper aims to present the way in which the Strategic Human Resource Business Partner (SHRBP) can add value to the IT department and under which terms such task would be performed. Appropriate theories and models are used for justifying the role of SHRBP in the increase of value of IT department.
The role of strategic human resource business partner (SHRBP) in the increase of value of IT department
Strategic HR management can intervene in organizational activities at all levels of organizational hierarchy – reference is made to the organization as a unit, not just to the HR functions and sub-functions (Deb 2006). Of course, the role of HR within the organizations needs to be respected (Raj, 2007). In accordance with Morton (1999) when acting as a business partner, HR is expected to perform a series of roles: ‘strategic partner, change agent, administrative expert and employee champion’ (Morton 1999, in Armstrong, 2000, p.141). Moreover, Robinson et al. (2005) noted that HR can respond to the needs of its traditional role (deciding on the employees’ positions and tasks) as also to the needs of its strategic role (meaning the development of initiatives for the increase of organizational profits through the improvement of employee performance). As for the strategic HR management, this can intervene drastically in all organizational strategies identifying organizational failures and suggesting appropriate measures; in case that SHR manager acts as a business partner, then his ability to intervene in organizational strategies – at all organizational levels – is significantly increased. The involvement of SHRBP in the organization’s IT department would have a series of effects in the department’s structure, activities and performance. More specifically, the role of SHRBP in IT department would refer to the following activities: a) development and improvement of relationships of employees in order to improve communication and cooperation across the department; in this way, the performance of employees of the specific department would be also increased, b) improvement of information sharing; IT department is strongly depended on the management of informati ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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