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Developing Professinals: the BCG Way - Case Study Example

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This essay "Developing Professionals: the BCG Way" evaluates BCG's career development and mentoring processes - what are the strengths and weaknesses. The people process at BCG were streamlined which enhanced the capability of management to control the processes more efficiently…
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Developing Professinals: the BCG Way
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Extract of sample "Developing Professinals: the BCG Way"

Download file to see previous pages For example, the processes have been clearly defined and organized such as recruiting talented candidates, giving them regular performance reviews and developmental feedback, supporting the professional development and promoting them. The promotion decisions were decentralized and they were made locally which allowed the group to consider the career development of every individually equally. Although consultant feedback system was made an important part of people process, however, the career development office defined a detailed and clear feedback system. Moreover, changes were brought into the feedback system from time to time according to local conditions. Once an individual joined BCG, he got associated with career development advisor who was responsible to focus on the career development of the individual from hiring process through promotion manager. This gives the individual a strong advice and support at each step of their career development. A significant focus was given to the professional development of individuals at BCG. For example, individuals were staffed according to their skills and expertise and they were encouraged to let the staff know about the skills they wished to develop and the projects where they wanted to pursue their careers. A globally consistent evaluation form was used by all team members at the end of each project in which their direct supervisors provided their formal evaluations. This strategy helped the individuals to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Training was considered an important aspect of career development therefore, professionals at BCG were given frequent sessions on qualitative and administrative topics. Weaknesses of carrier development process Promotion appears to be an important aspect of an individual’s career at BCG and at all levels, they were up-or-out and proper criterion was defined, however, the promotions were not made by tenure rather superiors had the authority to promote the individuals base on their sustained mastery of relevant skills. Strengths of the mentoring process Assigning mentors to the consultants was considered as an important aspect to offer non-evaluative advisors. The interaction between the mentors and consultants was very informal and the consultants could take guidance from mentors like on staffing issues or problems etc. Mentors gave more guidance to the individuals who remained unable to get promoted at the 24-month mark. In the mentoring process, the mentors used to follow an informal pattern for example, after completing six months at BCG, mentors were supposed to consider the adjustments of the newcomers at the organization. After completion of 12 months, mentors used to consider their detailed developmental strengths and hindrances. Moreover, at the end of 18 months, mentors guided the individuals in determining whether their career paths were suitable and other aspects of their career development. Weaknesses of the mentoring process Since both the advisors and mentors got personally involved with the career choice of the individuals at BCG therefore, the difference in opinions could influence the individuals negatively. 2- Pick two of the individuals( Josh Coopersmith, Eric Wong, Michael Nelson, or) and for each of the two individuals you've selected, analyze what both they and their mentors did right/wrong during those first 18 months with BCG. Madeleine Lagarde Eric Peret was the mentor of Madeleine Lagarde however; he had been unable to focus on the reasons which were making Lagarde unhappy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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