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The Collapsible Lunch Box Idea - Essay Example

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The idea of producing a collapsible lunch box came after the consideration of a number of business ideas. It is quite crucial to take an assessment of the market and list some of the possible business ideas that can be explored and ventured into. …
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The Collapsible Lunch Box Idea
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Download file to see previous pages The first idea involved whether we were capable of producing folding chairs. This idea failed due to the fact that after its assessment it was discovered that the production of folding chairs would cost too much. The second idea was the production disposable mats. This idea was quite a viable but it was ruled out after assessing that in order to reach to this final product it would involve quite a number of different processes. The feasibility of a business idea demonstrates how practical it is to put the idea into action. In line with this we had other options such as the production of a modified pub tray. The idea was a good one but we did not have information about the technical aspect of the product as how it would function. In addition the production of a modified pub tray would require too much work from sub contractors. Another feasible idea involved the production of plastic water cups. We discovered that the demand for this is too high and it would be quite difficult to produce enough to meet the demand. In this case consumer satisfaction is an essential aspect worth consideration if a business idea is to be adopted. Final considerations were the idea of a producing a washing machine dial or a collapsible lunch box. After adequate evaluation and comparison of the two it was seen that the market for the washing machine dial would be too small to make meaning profits. ...
An American museum keeper by the name David Shayt pins this evolution to this century providing some of the examples of lunch boxes that were developed. These examples include a woven basket that had a handle and a fancy box made of wood. With the former a handkerchief would be used to warp up a meal then put inside the woven basket. The latter is believed to be used by only the rich people. These lunch boxes were but a result of increased industrialization. With the Americans working away from their homes in places such as factories it was then deemed impractical of them going home for lunch on a daily basis. This is what brought about the necessity of lunch boxes as something that would be used to protect meals and allowing for their transportation with simplicity. Various have in the past been in the manufacture of lunch boxes. Schooling children have always created a market lunch boxes with materials such as vinyl and plastic being used for this market. For the adults the most common materials for their lunch boxes are metallic in nature for instance aluminium or tin. These materials are used for purpose of increasing robustness of the lunch boxes and that may last for a long time. The year is 1954 in Sudbury in the region of Ontario a miner by the name Leo May invented the aluminium lunch box. The idea of this lunch came as a result of him accidentally crushing his lunch box made of tin. History has it that the Mickey Mouse the first character lunch box made of tin was produced by Frey, Paeschke and Geuder in 1935. In the 1950 the Aladdin industries came up with a creation of the first lunch box meant for children basing their invention on Hopaong Cassidy a show on the television. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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