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Similarly, an article by Vanitha Saranya presents bloom energy as a less polluting solid oxide fuel cell that comes from cheap material. It…
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The Bloom Box
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The Bloom Box Ker Than praises the Bloom Box as a clean, efficient, and cost-saving technology developed by fuel cell manufacturer Bloom Energy (Than 1). Similarly, an article by Vanitha Saranya presents bloom energy as a less polluting solid oxide fuel cell that comes from cheap material. It is environmentally friendly because it has less carbon dioxide emissions as compared to the U.S. grid (Saranya 327). Even so, Ker than criticizes it as an overhyped product that is a normal form of technology.
In my opinion, the technology used in the Bloom Box is not viable or superior to existing energy technologies such as natural gas. The company uses fuel cells, which are not a new form of technology. In addition, the use of methane and oxygen to create energy is comparable to natural gas production plants. In the end, I believe that the technology was merely overhyped, and is not as revolutionary as the media presents it, neither is it better than other green energy forms.
Despite the criticism it faces, the company still has a bright future considering the green technology advancements it promotes. Its technologies represent the future of energy production as they have the necessary expertise. Although the company does not necessarily provide new energy technology, it provides a better service that is more efficient than that of other green-source energy producers. Even so, Microsoft’s new fuel cell partner, Redox Power (Mick 1), seeks to advance the technology that Bloom Box provides. In the end, competition in the market is beneficial for both consumers and the environment.
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