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The Markeaton Park - Essay Example

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Problems facing the park
The project will be geared towards ensuring that the park addresses the problems that are currently plaguing it and preventing it from achieving its potential. These problems are outlined below.
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The Markeaton Park
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Extract of sample "The Markeaton Park"

Download file to see previous pages Intermittent and irregular opening hours on a number of the park’s private concessions, meaning that visitors are not sure what will be open when they visit. 3. Declining budgets available to maintain and manage the park, leading to reduced levels of staff and possible closure of facilities or further reduced opening times. 4. Slow decline in horticulture standards and features such as loss of herbaceous borders and bedding, indicating a reduced level of care by the Council. 5. Poor visitor experience when entering the park, in particular from the A38 leading to the main car park. 6. The park itself is a 20th century park set out within an 18 century historic parkland and remains an attractive place to visit for informal recreation, such as family picnics. However many people are unaware of the size and extent of the park as access is poor, with few footpaths and lack of signage. 7. Its size allows for the staging of major city events, such as the annual firework display and funfair. However this increases the pressure on the parks infrastructure and historic parkland. 8. Deterioration in the parks historic fabric, such as the listed Orangery, coupled with some poor quality spaces such as the stable courtyard that detract from the visitor experience. Other possible improvements that the project will endeavor to include are also aimed at improved service and include the following. First is the introduction of a People counting system with a view to enhance data gathering which would in turn enhance the parks planning. Secondly, it is also important to put some thought into the extension of the CCTV network to enhance the security and management of the whole park. The introduction of a viable tree planting programme to increase the tree cover in the park would also be a primary objective of the project. The additional projects will entail a continued and separate monitoring and implementation schedule that may be implemented concurrently with the main project. Aims and objectives The main aims and objectives of this report are directed towards achieving a sustainable project plan that is consistent with the 5 Heritage Lottery Fund outcomes. The aims and objectives are presented to the managers of Markeaton Park and the Mundy Play Centre with the objective of providing advice and guidance with a view to addressing prevailing challenges and attaining the following goals: To halt the slow decline and restore the park’s standing as a visitor attraction. To increase visitor numbers. To increase income that can be used to reinvest in the park in improved maintenance and management and provision of higher quality of facilities. To protect and improve the parks historic and natural fabric. The objectives of the project also have to ensure that the integrity of the restoration work will in no way be compromised by any unsuitable activities and developments especially in relevance to the historic accuracy of some historic sections. The project also has to be able to aid the promotion of a range of diverse and generally inclusive formal and informal recreational ventures for the parks guests. The park plays a big role in the maintenance of the areas historical background and the project will be tailored towards promoting the historical significance and the relationship of the park with the whole of Derby city council. The park will have its security enhanced for the benefit of the visitors with particular emphasis put on a well kept environment that is also welcoming to its visitors. The project will also ensure that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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