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Business plan of shop for quality and well designed jewelry, shoes, earrings, handbags - Essay Example

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Topic: BUSINESS PLAN 9th December 2012 Table of contents Introduction 3 Mission statement 5 Objectives of Shoesholic 5 Business strategies 6 Location 6 Management and ownership 7 Organizational structure 7 Market situation 7 Market share of Shoesholic and competitors 8 SWOT analysis 9 Strengths 9 Weaknesses 10 Opportunities 10 Threats 11 Target market and positioning 11 Shoesholic targeted market segments 12 Marketing Strategies 13 Price 13 Place 13 Product 14 Promotion 14 Legal and information technology aspects 15 Sources of finance 17 Relevant rules and regulations and their applications 19 Potential risks and ways to administer the risks …
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Business plan of shop for quality and well designed jewelry, shoes, earrings, handbags
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Download file to see previous pages Of all the factors that have initiated the high demand for cloths in the global market, technological improvement contributes approximately 60% of the total sales (Joshi, 2005). Based on the effectiveness of the online selling techniques in terms of expanding the customers base, companies that have gone global emulates e-commerce and social sites such as face book and twitter to market their products. Being focused to meet the increased demand for women wears, we are establishing a business referred to as Shoesholic enterprises (Gartner, 1985). Shoesholic allows working women and young ladies in colleges to shop for quality and well designed jewelry, shoes, earrings as well as handbags right from our outlets. It is essential to note that selling a modern and well fitting outfit that makes women feel special is our purpose. Shoesholic aims to make celebrities as well as other women to feel proud and enjoy the red carpet treatment. This achievement is based our commitment to emulate product diversification that entails products that comes with a personalized services and styles that are only experienced by celebrities (Richard, 2010). In our research we have realized that women can shop for their shoes anywhere. But unless a lady customer walks into a high priced boutiques located in Major UK cities, they cannot get personalized services during their shopping. We are therefore determined to end this buying pattern by providing online offers that offers personalized attention to all our women customers (Needham, 1996). This paper analyses our business plan by discussing our main business objectives, strategies, finances and other major aspects that Shoesholic will adopt to retain a competitive edge. Mission statement The mission of Shoesholic is to sell high quality women outfits that include leather bags, jewelry and shoes among others. Based on our affordable prices, we are aimed at attracting large number of customers regardless of their social and economic status. As a way of enhancing a positive product-customer relationship, we are setting up a physical shop in UK (Abell, 2009). In this way, all the customers’ queries and feedback will be received thus ensuring that our products meet the needs of every customer. Shoesholic is focused at proving adequate and regular training to all employees as a way of ensuring that they acquire relevant skills to deal with the customers. This is a key role that our customer care department under the leadership of an external public relationship officer will undertake. Objectives of Shoesholic 1) To increase the company sales by 60% in the next five years. 2) To open at least 50 retail outlets in various parts of the world in the next five years as a way of effectively serving our customer base. 3) To increase monthly wages or employees by 50% in the next 2 years. This will improve their productivity thus enhancing the profitability of Shoesholic. 4) To ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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