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Qualitative analysis of FedEx and UPS - Essay Example

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In this report, the performance of both the companies is reviewed in terms of management structures, business operations, work culture, company’s mission and vision statements, responsibility towards the environment and community, strategic moves, ability of facing the challenges…
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Qualitative analysis of FedEx and UPS
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Download file to see previous pages Qualitative analysis of FedEx and UPS. In this report, the performance of both the companies is reviewed in terms of management structures, business operations, work culture, company’s mission and vision statements, responsibility towards the environment and community, strategic moves, ability of facing the challenges and strategies implemented to gain competitive edge. With the help of these factors, worthwhile information has been gained that provided sufficient data about making a wise verdict about investment. FedEx supersedes UPS UPS has been the market leader in the industry for decades but it faced strong competition from FedEx’s e-commerce strategy that revolutionized the way in which packages, letters and other items are delivered worldwide. FedEx developed the concept of highly efficient and valuable logistics and delivery system so that the customers are provided easy access to the details of their packages. UPS introduced an innovative service “Supply Chain Logistics Services” to regain its lost market share from FedEx. Both corporations are always in the state of tug of war and try to supersede other by exceeding the expectation level of customers. FedEx shares are attractive than UPS FedEx management structure along with other aspects of business operations highlight that the organization has an integrated and well-developed logistics system supported by flexible and innovative work culture which will ensure that the company is able to sustain its position in the market for long time. Since FedEx has a bright outlook, the company should purchase its shares and reap the benefits of investing the capital in a profitable stock. FedEx versus UPS (Delivery and Logistics Industry) The delivery and logistics industry is growing by leaps and bounds and customers these days are looking for the companies that can provide the fastest delivery of parcels, packages, documents and goods around the world. As a result of the emergence of Internet technology, the players of this industry have started their online businesses so that the customers can have access to detailed information about the status of their orders with utmost ease. Businesses that have an online presence are gaining many customers worldwide. Customers are becoming knowledgeable and they search for websites for any organization they come across, hence having an online presence such as the organization’s website is extremely important for all organizations. Shopping or having online services is easy and convenient for the customers and hence some customers prefer online shopping to a very large extent. In today’s world, the logistics world has become popular and an integral part of many corporations as they allow them to undertake their global transactions easily and conveniently (Ellis, 2010). Every player in the respective industry has received huge amount of popularity and there is a lot of publicity about the attitude of the industry towards the efficient working systems in the sector so that they can provide quick service to the customers. The players have even taken considerable steps for highlighting the fulfillment of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) promises that are proving to be beneficial for the society as a whole (Li et al., 2006). Becoming an organization that is socially responsible is extremely important in the business world today as customers develop a positive image for the organization that has corporate social responsibility in them. Brief Background of FedEx and UPS Frederick W. Smith started the Federal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Qualitative Analysis of FedEx and UPS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words)
Qualitative Analysis of FedEx and UPS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
“Qualitative Analysis of FedEx and UPS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words”, n.d.
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