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Women and the glass ceiling in corporate America - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This brief annotated bibliography helps to shed light on the glass ceiling as experienced by women in corporate America. As such, the author provided a litany of sources and explanations which will help in provided a detailed research overview of the topic…
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Women and the glass ceiling in corporate America
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Download file to see previous pages The gender representation at the governmental level is an interesting topic as it is indicative of a more nationwide trend and less culturally dependent and/or bound than the ways that the glass ceiling might be exhibited within the private sector; a sector more bound by group dynamics and cultures than that of the governmental sector. Examination of such a determinant is necessary and important as it gives key insights into the broad/over-arching definitions of the glass ceiling as is evidenced through a large cross-section of our current society/government. This particular article discusses the key aspects of the “glass ceiling” that has kept women from being promoted to positions of upper management and other key roles within firms. Furthermore, the researchers found what they referred to as a glass cliff exists for the women who are able to eventually break through the glass ceiling. The glass cliff refers to the fact that oftentimes women are given key leadership roles due to the fact that key shareholders wish to rapidly shake up the management/leadership process. As such, it is oftentimes the case that these positions are awarded to women as a means of providing a sudden change of direction that the CEO or other leadership figure hopes will change the fortune of the company. When this does not occur or does not occur at the rate that the aforementioned key shareholder(s) desire, the woman is then dropped for a successive candidate.This particular study discusses the means by which women in different levels of state. and federal government advance based upon the career paths they have chosen. This study has been included within the research due to the fact that it is one of the few demonstrable proofs that exists with reference to the fact that certain factors (to include economics) can have a profound effect on the level to which the glass ceiling is implemented. Furthermore, as the reader can quickly note, not all fields exhibit the glass ceiling to the same extent as any other. However, it can be fairly safely assumed that the existence of the glass ceiling is nearly uniform in its existence throughout the workforce. Haslam, S., Ryan, M. K., Kulich, C., Trojanowski, G., & Atkins, C. (2010). Investing with Prejudice: the Relationship Between Women's Presence on Company Boards and Objective and Subjective Measures of Company Performance. British Journal Of Management, 21(2), 484-497. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8551.2009.00670.x The authors of this particular article seek to examine a swath of 100 companies within a specific time period (2001-2005). As such, the researchers hope to answer key questions concerning perception of net ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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