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The components of HRM's success - Essay Example

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High-involvement employee performance and aligned HR and business strategies: The components of HRM’s success Name Instructor Class 21 November 2012 For the past twenty five years, human resource management in theory and practice, as it evolved into strategic human resource management and similar models, has shifted from its usual core function of personnel management, to becoming a strategic driver of individual and organisational performance (Liu et al., 2007; Nohria, Groysberg and Lee, 2008)…
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The components of HRMs success
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Download file to see previous pages Despite Guest’s hesitancy in concluding that HRM contributes to organisational performance, other scholars provided an empirical link between HRM strategies, policies and practices and certain aspects of individual and organisational performance (Liu et al., 2007; Nohria, Groysberg and Lee, 2008; Huselid, 1995: 635; Wall and Wood, 2005: 430; Pfeffer; and Pfeffer and Veiga 1999). This paper aims to determine HRM issues and to offer some solutions. After reviewing several studies, including opposing ones, HRM systems, policies, and practices are believed to drive company performance through shaping recruitment, selection, and retention strategies that develop engaged and creative employee, who can serve as one of the company’s sustainable competitive advantages. The role of human resource systems in strategic recruitment cannot be undermined (Liu et al., 2007). Recruitment should not be dismissed as something that can easily be outsourced to other parties because recruitment strategy should meet existing HR strategy goals. Walker, Bernerth and Tocher (2009) studied job seekers’ organisational attitudes at different phases of the recruitment process by evaluating the interactions among the variables of job seekers’ procedural justice anticipations, procedural justice perceptions and preliminary screening feedback quality. After using two phases of data collection that included 392 participants in phase 1 and 351 in phase 2, findings showed that participants who were engaged in the recruitment process with high procedural justice expectations were more affected by initial screening feedback quality than those with low justice expectations (Walker et al., 2009: 5). Procedural justice perceptions throughout the preliminary screening affected their organisational attitudes (Walker et al., 2009: 5). These authors concluded that how firms recruit candidates can affect the quality of perceptions regarding the organisation (Walker et al., 2009: 6). Rehman (2012) affirmed the same findings for his empirical work on the recruitment efforts of public sector organisations in Pakistan. He discovered that organisations with poor promotion and governance systems tend to recruit fewer competent applicants and tend to have higher turnover rates. Managers must be clear in explaining what they expect from their employees and what employees can expect from the organisation, in terms of rewards, culture and other organisational and managerial factors. HRM managers who carefully carve the right organisational image and job expectations for its employees during the recruitment process can hire high-performing employees than those who do not care on the image and expectations they provide to applicants. HRM affects individual performance through its recruitment strategies because they influence individual decisions through organisational factors, which when affirmed through hiring, can result to employee job satisfaction and retention. Han and Han (2009) explored the relationship between hiring perceptions and retention and found a correlation between the two. Another studies emphasised that in recruiting the right people, job experience, skills, and personality are critical. Newman and Lyon (2009) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Components of HRM'S Success Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
“The Components of HRM'S Success Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words”, n.d.
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