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France Telecom is the largest telecommunication corporation in Europe and Second largest in the World. Orange is the official brand name for the mobile and landline telephone services of the company. Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives The overall mission of France Telecom (Orange) is to be a global leader in the integration of communication solutions…
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Orange Business Services
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Download file to see previous pages This aspect of the business of the firm however may not truly align with the mission of the firm to be a global leader. In order to fulfill its mission, FT has to actually expand at the global level and branching out of EU region in order to be a truly global leader in integrated communication solutions. The above mission statement of the firm is also lacking in the sense it may fail to provide quantifiable direction for the firm to fulfill. Though it has set clearly outlined objectives for itself however, considering the mission statement only of the firm, it may seem that it fails to provoke any emotional association of the employees or other involved with the firm. It is highly desirable that a mission statement must be flexible and invoke the related degree of emotions in order to be aligned with the overall firm’s direction. The overall strategic goals and objectives of the firm are described in its strategic initiatives called Conquest which sets out its overall goals and objectives for the period 2011-2015. The overall objectives are for medium period and are divided into two phases of adaptation and conquest. The first phase will identify the investments in the network growth opportunities and during the second phase, firm intended to return to sustained revenue and cash flow growth targets. The combination of both these objectives set the overall direction of the firm between 2011-2015. During the first phase, the firm has set specific quantifiable targets of achieving EBITDA as well as other financial measures in order to critically outline as to how much firm wants to progress in next five years. (Orange, 2010) The objectives of the firm are at least clear and quantifiable for the period which firm has set for itself to achieve the target. It is however, important to note that these goals and objectives are focused more on the existing markets of the firm. The overall focus is on the existing markets and as such the emphasis that the FT would like to become a global leader in the integrated communication may not be at least manifested into the overall goals of the firm. Firm seems to be focused on further penetrating into the markets in which it is operating and most of its focus is on the EU market which is also its traditional stronghold since years. Stakeholders Source: The above is a typical, general grid for stakeholder analysis wherein both the high powered and low powered stakeholders are identified and based on their interests, organization actually deal with them. A stakeholder is one which can either be affected or affect the actions of the firm and based on this they can be either internal or external to the organization. Stakeholders are normally those individuals or organizations which are directly affected by the organization and its actions. It is also important to understand that individuals may also belong to different stakeholder groups and their overall role may vary under different conditions. It is therefore critically important to know the expectations of different stakeholder groups even if they fall into different categories. Viewing the overall stakeholders of FT, it is clear that the firm has actually adapted a commercial approach to deal with its stakeholders. It is however, i ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Orange Business Services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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