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A perspective of modern labour relations Orange Business Services - Research Paper Example

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The author made an attempt to get the current perspective of labour relations in a successful multinational technology enterprise – Orange Business Services. The author interviewed unofficially the officials engaged in labour relations division. …
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A perspective of modern labour relations Orange Business Services
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings it can therefore be said that Charles Leadbeater one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation and creativity in organisations said, the primary role of organisations is to get work done. This necessitates that (1) organisations must motivate its people to work so that they contribute most effectively to the collective behaviour; (2) coordinate the collective output to ensure that it fits together and takes place in the right order; and (3) they must innovate continuously by learning, adapting and evolving with the demand of the environment in which they operate and explore opportunities for change. Yet experience dictates that this seemingly simple analogy: motivate; coordinate; innovate is in fact is most complex task for corporates across continents and commerce, some of which apparently are in the state of civil war. As old industrial world recipes of organisation, work and leadership are gradually becoming passé, organisations are innovating to find newer ways of motivating, coordinating and innovating simultaneously with more and more open and networked organisations. Wikipedia, Linux, eBay, YouTube, and many more organisations operating in that direction have raised questions on the concepts of traditional, top-down closed organisations. Organisations are now moving from highly collectivised and unionised environments to highly individualist entities bringing newer realities for labour relations. Amidst this, the author made an attempt to get the current perspective of labour relations in a successful multinational technology enterprise – Orange Business Services. The author interviewed unofficially the officials engaged in labour relations division. The objective was to understand how an old world enterprise such as French Telecom has evolved its labour relations to become one of most successful branded service provider worldwide. The choice of Orange business services was obvious as it is a global leader in communication services with a highly technical workforce that are able to deliver coherent innovative services in spite of working in areas such as cloud and convergence where organisational hierarchies are difficult to prevail . Besides, Orange with a clientele of over 3700 multinational companies in the sphere of collaboration, customer relationship management, mobility, M2M and vertical solutions was a fit case for the study as the company is a recipient of many awards and accolades including the Best Global Operator award at the World Communications Award for four consecutive years (2006-2009) (the only company to have this); and the ‘World Class’ ranking for superior customer satisfaction for the tenth consecutive time (SITA, 2011). 2. Labour relations at Orange Business Services The author interviewed the Labour Relations Manager of Orange Business Services, by a prior appointment in their newly acquired premises where nearly over 2000 employees in various cadres were engaged. This office now housed all the employees which were working in three different parts of the city. However, the Labour Relations Manager agreed for this interview on an informal and anonymous basis. For the purpose of referencing, he advised to approach the company headquarters and obtain permission prior to interviewing. However, due to paucity of time and the requirement being largely to meet academic needs, the author went ahead with the interviews. Due to this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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