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Corporate Strategy of Topps Tiles Power Line Communication - Case Study Example

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The writer of the present study seeks to conduct a strategic marketing analysis of Topps Tiles PLC. A comprehensive evaluation has been done using strategic management tools to understand the external environment of the UK and the internal environment of the company…
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Corporate Strategy of Topps Tiles Power Line Communication
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Download file to see previous pages The company launched its slogan in the year 2010; “Tiles for Everyone.” Topps Tiles PLC has a 25 percent share in the ceramic tile industry (Topps Tiles, 2012, p. 3). The annual report of the company revealed that in 2010, Topps Tiles PLC has gained 2 percent more marker share that the last year. This company has three segments: a) Topps Tiles PLC retail operations in the UK, b) Tile Clearing House (TCH), and c) Topps Tiles floor store business in Holland. So Topps Tiles PLC has 37 TCH and 275 outlets now. Topps Tiles Holdings is a subsidiary of Topps Tiles PLC, UK, which deals in ceramic tiles and wooden floorings. The company has about 1660 employees. Topps Tiles PLC claims to be the number one ceramic tile supplier or retailer. The mission of the company is to offer value and excellent quality products to its customers. The revenue generated in 2011 was? 175.5 million (MarketLine, 2012b, p. 3-4; The Financial Times Ltd, 2012). Products Topps Tiles PLC offers a wide range of flooring options to its customers. Apart from the flooring, products for outdoor paving, tools, and accessories for setting the tiles or other flooring options are also sold. They also offer online advice services for assisting customers in a better way. Tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, prestige stone, mosaic, etc are sold for not only floors but also for walls, especially in the bathrooms and kitchens. A specific range of kitchen tiles is there to give an energetic feel to the kitchen so that cooking no more remains a boring job. Apart from the polished tiles, natural stones are also available for the flooring to give an old and rustic look to the house. Special styling products like splashbacks are also available. Services, like designing, styling, and advice for cleaning and maintaining these floorings, are also given by special advisors. Geographical Scopes Topps Tiles stores are located mainly in London and the other cities of the UK. Though the company is listed and is counted among the top tile brands, geography wise Topps Tiles PLC is confined to the UK and its neighboring areas only. Business Model Topps Tiles PLC follows a hybrid business model as it follows both businesses to business and business to customer form of dealing. Flooring tiles and stones are sold to real estate and construction companies and also to end-users or customers who buy for their homes. It is also sold to very small retail companies who conduct business on a small scale basis. Topps Tiles PLC is a company which follows the sole objective of offering the best quality flooring tiles whether the customer is a business house or an individual, who is purchasing a small number of products. The motto is to offer value for money. STRATEGIC ANALYSIS The functional analytical tools that are utilized to make a strategic judgment in order to estimate the attractiveness of the market are: a) PESTLE Analysis, b) Porter’s Five Force Model, c) SWOT Analysis, d) Strategic Group Mapping, d) Stakeholders Analysis, and e) Risk Analysis. Each of these strategic tools or theories has been discussed and their implications with respect to Topps Tiles Plc are explained below: PESTLE Analysis Factors Analysis Political UK being one of the most powerful and flourishing countries in the world has a significant role to play in the international business environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Stakeholder Framework for Analyzing and Evaluating Corporate Social Essay.
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