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Business strategy is often referred to as a process and continues along with the business. Nevertheless the strategy of a company needs to be reviewed after a certain interval of time, so that the current strategies meet the changing needs of the customers and matches the changing business environment. …
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless the strategy of a company needs to be reviewed after a certain interval of time, so that the current strategies meet the changing needs of the customers and matches the changing business environment. By practising this, the probability of a firm to get success in the market place increases to a large extent (Stonehouse and Houston, 2012, p.1). In this context of the study, HSBC has been chosen as the organization. The study revealed that the emerging markets and opening up of the world economy has allowed the company to carry out international expansion. HSBC always follows foreign direct investment strategy to operate in international markets. The external environmental analysis clearly highlighted that in most of the countries where HSBC operates have stable political environment and therefore do not have any operational constraints. In order to gain competitive advantage HSBC uses a mixture of differentiation and cost leadership strategy to operate in the market. However it is recommended that the company should also focus on employing focus strategy, which will allow them to cater to niche segment as well. Introduction HSBC Holdings Plc or commonly known as HSBC, is a UK based multinational financial and banking organization. HSBC Holdings plc was established in the year 1991 by Sir Thomas Sutherland. However the origin of HSBC bank dates back to 1865, when the branches were opened in Shanghai and Hong Kong (Stadler, 2011, p.189). It is presently headquartered at Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom. HSBC is mainly involved in providing commercial banking services, wealth management, retail banking, investment banking services and also global private banking. It is one of the largest financial services and banking organization of the world. The products of the company include various type of loans, current and savings account, insurance, credit cards, fixed deposits, investment services and advisory services. Furthermore HSBC also has strong presence in sectors such as resources and energy, and research & analysis (Hsbcnet, n.d.). According to the list of Forbes magazine 2012, the company was the sixth largest publicly traded company and third largest bank of the world. HSBC Holdings plc was established in the year 1991 by Sir Thomas Sutherland. However the origin of HSBC bank dates back to 1865, when the branches were opened in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The company has presence in 84 countries of the world and is listed in the Bermuda, London, New York, Hong Kong and Paris stock exchanges. HSBC comprises of around 6900 offices throughout the areas of its operations (Hsbcservicedelivery, n.d.). The major competitors include Barclays bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Citigroup and J P Morgan Chase among others. The report will primarily highlight the corporate level and business level strategies of HSBC. In the course of the study, internal as well as external analysis of the organization will be carried. In this context analysis tools such as SWOT, PESTEL, Porter’s 5 forces, and value chain will be employed. Depending on the outcome, few recommendations will be also presented. Finally the report will conclude by highlighting the important and critical issues of the study. Corporate Strategy Corporate strategy can be referred to as the guide of decision making which is responsible for determining and revealing the purpose and objective of the organization. Furthermore a corporate strategy also highlights plans and policies by which the organization will be able to achieve those goals. HSBC is considered as one of the largest publicly traded company and is trying to expand their business in those countries, where they did not started the operations. However in every aspect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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