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Managing Operation: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company - Essay Example

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The United Arab Emirates is one of the greatest producers and exporters of oil globally. The global demand for fuels such as oil is always on a constant rise enabling the UAE and oil companies in the country to rip massive profits. …
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Managing Operation: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
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Download file to see previous pages Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is a state-owned organization that exploits Abu Dhabi’s vast gas and oil reserves. These oil reserves encompass approximately 137 billion barrels or 21.8 x 109 m3. ADNOC’s proved oil reserves currently hold the fourth place in the UAE’s national reserves behind Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, ADNOC boosts of at least 6.1 trillion cu. ft. of natural gas. The organization, which was established in the year 1971, owns at least 90% of UAE’s gas and oil reserves. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company manages at least two oil refineries in the United Arab Emirates; these are Umm Al Nar and Ruwais (Giacomo 51). Currently, the oil exploring company produces at least 3.5 billion oil barrels per day annually. In addition, the organization produces at least 2 billion cubic feet of natural gas every day. To date, ADNOC boosts of at least 200 service stations across the UAE and around 19,300 employees (Moin 119). This paper will examine the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, describing the nature of the company’s business, departments and operational departments and their inherent problems. ADNOC is a group of companies that deal primarily with oil and gas exploration and exportation. Nature of Business As earlier noted, ADNOC is a group of companies that deal with the exploration and sale of energy and petrochemical products. The company’s business centers on finding; producing and distributing natural resources on which modern organizations and countries require for their day to day operations. The company’s operations include the discovery and production of natural gas, as well as crude oil. ADNOC’s business also involves refining, supplying, marketing and transporting crude oil and natural gas to customers both within and without the UAE. In addition to its conventionally known business operations concerning the exploration and distribution of natural gas and crude oil, ADNOC also manufactures petrochemicals. The company conducts its integrated downstream and upstream business ventures through 14 distinct, specialist subsidiaries, as well as joint venture firms. Part of the organization’s upstream businesses include rigorous oil and gas exploration, seismic surveys using state of the art technology to acquire information for future exploration purposes. ADNOC’s upstream business also includes rig activities, oil and gas development, drilling, gas and oil production (Moin 211). The UAE-based oil producing company emphasizes integrity in all its upstream and downstream business operations. ADNOC does this by improving facility maintenance and enhancing production through the injection of additional facilities. Since the company’s primary focus is oil and gas operations, ADNOC’s continually increases the capacity of its oil and gas operation projects (Legge 53). Part of ADNOC’s downstream businesses includes oil refining, processing of petrochemical and gas and transportation of the organization’s products to customers within and without UAE. The organization’s downstream activities also include marketing and distribution of its gas and oil products. Major Departments In the late 20th century, ADNOC underwent radical restructuring resulting in the creation of a number of autonomous departments or divisions within the organization. These departments perform distinct functions and the departmental leaders report directly to the CEO of ADNOC. ADNOC’s departments include the following: 1. One of the most prominent departments of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is the processing division, which is in charge of the management of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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