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International Business Management Date Introduction The term international business, generally explains all the transactions done commercially between two or more nations, countries or even regions without any political boundary restrictions. In this case, private companies conduct these transactions only for the profit they gain from it, while governments conduct them for the profit and mostly for the political reasons…
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International Business Management: Walmart
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Download file to see previous pages Cooperates that operate across the borders are referred to as the multinationals. They are mostly developed from one country or region and with time, they extend to other regions. There are those companies that operate across the borders. They are known as multinational companies. They are therefore, said to have worldwide approach to the world’s finest markets and products. In this paper, three of these kinds of companies will be discussed: these are Walmart and Tesco retail stores and the German retailer ALDI. Although these companies are all multinationals, they differ in one way or another, for example, they use different types of strategies to run their operations, some of these strategies include cutting of the costs, the cost of labor, the cost of raw material, charity work. The business strategies for these multinational companies must be based on international marketing system in order for them to compete in the global competition. This is because the business operating methods differs from country to country, therefore, it is necessary to understand the different cultures and languages and also the political and legal systems and by doing, this a company can attain the global commercial success. Looking at each company’s strategies in details, this paper will identify the most effective and appropriate strategies to be applied in the operation of a multinational company (ALDI, 2009), To begin with, this paper will go into details of one of the most effective strategy that Walmart Company has ever applied and how profitable it was to the company. Walmart was born about one hundred years ago by a young man, he used some shoeboxes of post cards with great dreams that one day the company would grow (ALDI, 2009). Now Walmart is worth $4.1 billion with its products sold in 38000 retail stores locally and internationally in 100 countries. Apart from that, their products are marketed online, televisions, movies and cables (ALDI, 2009). The main aim of Walmart is to fulfill human needs and comfort their hearts hence bringing them together. Walmart strengthens their customers’ engagement by trying to improve their relationships. As a matter of fact, businesses that retain the customers’ good relationship are likely to experience positive results in return, such as good profit. Positive customers’ attitude towards your business retains good memories of the transaction made. According to the research conducted recently, it shows that, in around 1990 to 1995, the greeting card sales, which are considered ever-increasing, appeared in the mass channels, in the year 2000, the achievement of Walmart alone was 20 percent of all the greeting cards marketed. The majority of sales in these channels were accounted for by the three brands (Porter, 1985). They include: Gibson, American greetings and the Walmart’s flanker brand – Ambassador ( ALDI, 2009). The branded greeting cards of the Walmart accounted for only less than 20% of the entire market. Their products were sold primarily through the card shops of Walmart and through the chain of drug shops. The share of the sale of greeting cards by Walmart was 39% including all brands. During this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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