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Effective Communication Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Effective Communication Assignment 3 Communication is basic and fundamental in any working environment and project management. It forms an invaluable tool for sharing ideas, giving instructions on processes at the workplace and creating a desirable relationship among members in the workplace…
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Effective Communication in the project management perspective
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"Effective Communication in the project management perspective"

Download file to see previous pages There are notable consequences of miscommunication on the harmonious operation at the workplace. This calls for amicable avenues strategized to deal with consequences that result from miscommunication at the workplace. Actions taken to solve problems that result from gender difference initiated miscommunication help mitigate the consequences and ensure improved performance of employees in the workplace. Tannen hints out the variation in communication styles between men and women, a factor that spreads to cause effects as miscommunication in the workplace. Communication between men and their male colleagues in the workplace experience a series of difference. Men adopt hierarchal conversations and a time involves mockery, jokes and teasing among colleagues in the workplace (Tannen, 1994). On the contrary, women are keen in their conversations with their female colleagues and take utmost care and sensitivity. They ensure maximum awareness in their conversations with fellow women. In their conversations, women are keen to evade possibilities of interpretations that would judge them as assertive, firm or authoritarian. They tend to avoid aggressiveness and aim at remaining feminine in their conversations. ...
They feel it is the most appropriate style for use in the workplace as opposed to men’s conversational style (Tannen, 1994). Men, however, view the communication style used by women as attributed to devious and deceitful for purposes as manipulation of ideas and processes. Men view such indirect style of communication used by women as falsehearted and involving dishonesty. There exists a rift between the perception of men and women of the communication styles used by the opposite gender. This acts as a foremost cause of miscommunication at the workplace between men and women. The gender difference affects the view that men and women have on the world. It notably changes the view that women and men have when dealing with different scenarios. Men and women react in different ways to diverse events. Men take life as a competitive space where there is the need to remain at par with the events in the contemporary world setting. They work to evade the consequences of failure and disappointment in life. They assume a unique form of social order in the society where others are in high ranks while some in low ranks or position. Women, on the contrary, view life to involve a holistic form of co-existence. The miscommunication caused by gender difference at the workplace can have detrimental effects on the performance of employees. Evident consequences that may emanate from such miscommunication include unfair advantage received by a particular gender. Tannen (1994) notes that men receive fair advantages over women in the workplace. In what is referred to as a glass ceiling, women receive little opportunities at the workplace that bars them from rising up to high management and positional levels. A considerable number of professional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of " Effective Communication in the project management perspective" is quite often seen among the tasks in college. Still, this example opens a fresh perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the style for my own document.
Effective communication
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