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Reflective Thinking. Easy Jet on airline markets. PESTEL And SWOT Analysis - Essay Example

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Reflection is a form which represents personal response with respect to situations, experiences, new information and events. It is termed as a processing phase because learning and thinking take place simultaneously…
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Reflective Thinking. Easy Jet on airline markets. PESTEL And SWOT Analysis
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Extract of sample "Reflective Thinking. Easy Jet on airline markets. PESTEL And SWOT Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages This step involves revisiting experiences and knowledge with respect to the topic in question and why and how one performs the task. It involves examination of values, beliefs, assumptions and attitudes. Reflective thinking helps clarify and recognise the connection between what one knows and learns (TLC, 2008). Figure 1: The Thinking Process (Source: TLC, 2008) The reflective report prepared aims to demonstrate my knowledge derived from the projects on Easy Jet and various sections like business environment, PESTEL, Porters Five Forces and other relevant theories which were used in the project. Findings from the Report Based on the project made on Easy Jet, I have found that Easy Jet is regarded as a low-cost operator and is performing well in Europe. It operates internationally and also in a domestic airline market. It aims to becomes the best and the cheapest airline operator in the world. The airline faces tough challenges from its competitors such as Ryanair, British Airlines and others. One great impact which I have noticed is that with the coming up of low-cost airlines, travellers prefer to travel by air rather than by bus, train or other means of transport. However, it should also be noted that along with low prices the airline should also be able to provide a level of comfort for the passengers so that the passengers feel comfortable while travelling, and I think the airline will be able to retain its customers in a positive way. I have analysed the business environment with the help of tools like PESTEL analysis, SWOT Analysis, Porters Five Forces along with operational management, supply chain and micro economic factors. In the process of using Porter’s Five Forces – a tool taking into consideration five important forces and helping determine the level of attractiveness in a particular industry – it was learned that the airline industry cannot be considered to be attractive because of the many unfavourable economic conditions prevailing in the airline industry. The cost of entering is high and maintenance of airline is also a costly affair (on the other hand, it reduces the threat from new entrants in the airline industry). The bargaining power of buyers has the potential to result in a threat because of the competitive price offered by other airlines. It has also been seen that a threat of substitute is pretty high, as with the existence of other transport means such as buses, trains, cars, etc, passengers prefer to travel rather than to spend almost the same or a slightly higher amount on more expensive means of transport. Reflective Statement While conducting the analysis, I have learned that the above tools form an integral part of any analysis and have helped me understand the impact of various factors on the organisation. The first framework which I have used to analyse the airline industry is PESTEL analysis; this is because PESTEL takes into account the industry as a whole and analyzes political factors which might impact the industry, as well as economic, social, technological, environmental and, lastly, legal factors. Why PESTEL Analysis? PESTEL gives an overview of the industry and is necessary to conduct, as it helps organisation to take the advantage of the opportunities; it also has the potential to minimise the threats. In the process of conducting the project, I have understood that PESTEL analysis can be carried out in relation to any form of business and industry, and it is one of the most important tools through which the companies evaluate the external environment and make necessary changes to fit the competitive environment and to survive in it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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