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Tthe difference between Chinese and British Consumer Behaviour on coffee consumption - Essay Example

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Methodology Introduction Coffee has been globally accepted as one of the favourite drinks. Many nations have adopted the coffee culture which is evident due to the growth of the coffee market in the world. There has been an increase in coffee consumption over the years…
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Tthe difference between Chinese and British Consumer Behaviour on coffee consumption
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Extract of sample "Tthe difference between Chinese and British Consumer Behaviour on coffee consumption"

Download file to see previous pages The study also examines some of the beliefs, perceptions and causal effects that influence coffee consumption. Answering the ways in which coffee brands have affected the coffee consumption and the overall consumer behaviour will help identify the differences and similarities in consumer behaviour in coffee consumption in China and UK. This chapter discusses the techniques that are used to collect and analyse primary data that will assist in justifying the study conducted in secondary sources. Rationale of research approach The study is conducted by making use of both the primary and the secondary data. This research entails qualitative and quantitative data. The secondary data offers the qualitative data that helps to get more information concerning the coffee consumption and consumer behaviour in China and UK. The reason for choosing to research on literature review is due to the fact that there might be previous studies of the same subject that might help in the study. The secondary data will help to gather information that might be hard to gather from primary data. It is also very easy and cheap to use the secondary data as it is readily available and would help answer unanswered questions. Secondary data will offer information that explains the consumer behaviour and what affects it. ...
Both the primary and secondary data will help to verify the research hypothesis. Description of the data collection instruments The secondary data that provides the qualitative information is retrieved from secondary sources search as books, research reports and journals. They can also be retrieved from wed portals and electronic journals. These sources provide data that helps to analyse information from the past. They contain literature that are reviewed and have summarized theories from a wide range of sources. The primary data is collected by the use of statistical survey. One of the statistical survey method used in this study is the Likert scale type of questionnaire. It is made up of open-ended type of questions. It is a scaling method of a five point scale that shows the level of agreement with the given statement. The respondents are given a simple task to choose one of the options that range from “strongly agree, agree, uncertain, disagree and strongly disagree” (Jackson, 2011). The questions which are more of statements are positively structured which means that if the respondents agree to all statements, it will prove that coffee culture has been fully adopted in both countries. Rationale for data collection instruments The Likert scale questionnaire was the best to collect primary data because it would be easy for the respondents to understand the questions and also to answer them. One of the advantages of the Likert scale type of questionnaire is that it is effective, very easy to construct and they are also reliable. They are also very efficient because they are not complicated thus no major errors when collecting the data and administering them is very easy. They help in studying the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tthe Difference Between Chinese and British Consumer Behaviour on Essay.
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