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The difference between chinese and british consumer behaviour on coffee consumption - Literature review Example

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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHINESE AND BRITISH COSUMER BEHAVIOUR ON COFFEE CONSUMPTION (Student ID Number) (Unit Code) (Unit Name) (Date Submitted) Literature Review Introduction The dissertation aims at studying the consumer behaviour on coffee consumption in China and UK and the major differences in the two countries…
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The difference between chinese and british consumer behaviour on coffee consumption
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Extract of sample "The difference between chinese and british consumer behaviour on coffee consumption"

Download file to see previous pages The literature review will give information on how the attitudes affect consumer behaviour. It will investigate the actual and post purchase behaviours where it will include information such as where and how coffee is purchased in the two countries. It will also explain about the factors that affect the post purchase behaviour of the consumers. The literature review will describe the coffee shop atmosphere and how it will influence consumer behaviour. Other models of consumer behaviour will also be discussed under this topic. Consumer behaviour on coffee consumption in China Gillespie, Jeannet and Hennessey have argued that coffee consumption depends on the consumer income. Starbucks gave coffee market in China a priority as it believed in Chinese youth consumers. Coffee sales have increased and shown a positive growth. Starbucks has improved its marketing strategies by reducing coffee prices. The writers have stated that coffee is mostly consumed by elite consumers, tourists and expatriates as they are the most targeted group by the coffee operators. They influence other consumer to have a coffee preference. Consumers that are attracted or like the luxury products tend to consume more coffee than other consumers. Increase in consumption level has lead to increase in coffee stores in the country who are competing amongst themselves (Gillespie, Jeannet, & Hennessey, 2010). Nagel has also argued that Starbuck has helped to increase coffee preference in China. An increase in coffee consumption has been experienced in the large cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. These cities have been flexible enough to adapt western culture such as coffee drinking, due to the attraction of the western lifestyle. The Chinese in the big cities have changed their consumer behaviour due to the influence of different cultures and westernisation. The growth of coffee consumption in some cities has been affected by the government and the Chinese traditions. Nagel also believes that consumer behaviour among the Chinese youth have changed towards coffee consumption. They have accepted the coffee culture and its associated lifestyle. They now prefer premium coffee and they are drinking grounded coffee, due to its sweet smell compared to instant coffee. Nagel also complements that coffee consumption in China is seen to be a luxurious lifestyle, due to its exceedingly high cost. He concludes that the coffee consumption in China is increasing especially among the youth who grew after culture revolution (Nagel, 2008). Zinzius has states that China has been a tea drinking country but it has slowly adapted coffee drinking culture. This has been greatly influenced by the coffee shop atmosphere. Coffee consumption in China is quite low as many have not adapted to its bitter taste. Others complain that it is keeping them awake till late in the night. Starbucks is one of the companies that have affected the consumer behaviour on coffee consumption in China. The company has opened stores that increased coffee consumption and has targeted the youth such as students, young managers and employees. Despite the coffee being expensive, the consumers prefer coffee shops to tea shops as they are mostly filled with smoke and a lot of noise. The tea shops are mostly dominated by the adult population. The company has also offered training in coffee classes to enlighten them ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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